Divine Intimacy


One of my favorite daily prayer books is Divine Intimacy by Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D. However, when I have laid it aside for a while I always find it difficult to return to the proper week because it follows an older Liturgical calendar than we do now. I found it once on line however I can not find it again.

Does anyone know where I can find the Liturgical calendar that the book Divine Intimacy follows?

Thank you - and for anyone who may be looking for additional spiritual reading for Advent ~ consider Divine Intimacy.


I too love Divine Intimacy! Your post has reminded me to take it off my shelf and begin using it again. Thanks for the reminder.

The Ordo for 2008 is available online at sanctamissa.org/en/liturgical-year/2008-ordo-latin-mass-society-of-england-and-wales.pdf . It will get you through January 6. I hope the 2009 Ordo will be available online soon, as the new liturgical year begins tomorrow. (Happy Advent!)

Note that this online Ordo is for dioceses in England and Wales. If you live elsewhere, just ignore the feast days that are specified for those dioceses. The rest should apply to anyone.


You don’t have to read it according to the old liturgical calender. God is eternal, He will listen to you any day of the week. But as for the calender, I am not sure where it is; a prayer for the intercession of St. Anthony should be of help to you, though. :wink:


This book is on my Christmas list. :slight_smile:


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