Divine Intimacy


I just got my brand new copy of Divine Intimacy today!! Yay! Ok, back to my question…exactly how do you use it? I assume you just meditate on the readings for each day, correct? The instructions were kinda vague. Thanks!


You just meditate :slight_smile:

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That’s what I thought.

Thanks! (for the blog comment, too!) :slight_smile:

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Thank you kindly :slight_smile: I would return the favor, but my blog is a spiritual journal, and as such, it must be pure before the Lord. Not to say blogrolls are evil, but rather, just like comments, they can cause an uncareful soul to be bloated with pride, and I am not a careful soul, most unfortunately. But I hope in God!


My most devine intimacy with God is during morning prayer when I first wake to greet the day. I pray for the health and wellness of the world and knowledge of the people around me. That they have mercy and compassion in their works for all people. That in my heart I also pray for the conversion of others to Catholicism and the understanding of the Bible, both for myself and the people around me.
I’d like to know where to find the books you all have been reading… Do they sell them in the gift shoppe? Just curious.

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I recently picked up a copy of Divine Intimacy on the advice of a friend. She has used it for about two years. It is based on the old liturgical calendar which we no longer use, that is why it looks rather confusing. I asked her what she does, and she kind of follows along (e.g., we are now in Lent, so you can follow along fairly easily), and then kind of guesses the best she can. Regardless, it doesn’t match up to our readings, except on maybe Holy Days of Obligation, and days such as that. Regardless, she has found it to be a great source of prayer and meditation, and said that after using it faithfully for a year or so, you really start to see good things happening. So I’m looking forward to reading it as well.


It’s not too hard to locate the traditional calendar applied to the current year- a little googling will get the job done… for example, today was the 4th Sunday in Lent just as in the new calendar, so you would use meditation # 119 (page 350 in the softcover TAN edition). You will note that there are 6 “untitled” meditations between each Sunday, corresponding to the intervening weekdays. There are also meditations for moveable feasts that you simply replace the regular meditation with.

Even if you choose to simply begin at a random place and continue day by day, the meditations themselves are so good that they would be worthwhile doing in that fashion.

Also, read the introduction carefully as it is very helpful in using the book.


I got mine from Adoremus Books and it’s the one published by Baronius Press.

BTW, Eucharisted, I completely understand about the blog roll. I only keep it b/c my homepage is my blog, and I use it to check the other blogs. Also, several non-Catholic friends look at my blog and I use it so they can keep themselves informed about the Church. :slight_smile:


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