Divine Liturgy of St James this morning 10/23 in Oakland

Feast of St James the Brother of the Lord
The ancient Divine Liturgy of Saint James will be celebrated on Tuesday (10/23) morning at 9:30am, Ascension Cathedral, Oakland, CA.

Wow. As I read this, the liturgy is just starting. How often is it celebrated? What is the particular occasion?

By the time I make it, it would be half over, sadly. Beautiful church, by the way.

It is the feast of St. James.

Don’t worry, the Liturgy I believe is 3 hours long

It is celebrated daily (or is it weekly?) in Jerusalem, yearly in Churches named for him, and roughly once every seven years in most parishes, when the Feast of St. James falls on a Sunday.

You could find a Syriac Orthodox Church…they celebrate it every week, too. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how the other 6 or so people there knew to come. This parish celebrates the Liturgy of St James just once a year on his Feast. Maybe there are folks who pay attention to that and make a point of going.

The six I was responsible for being there knew because I saw it on the Cathedral Facebook and my parish Facebook and contacted them asking if they knew and wanted to go. It is on the parish calendar but not highlighted in any way, and they didn’t sent it out on the email list.

Anyway, sorry it was too late for you to get there. I’m also quite fond of the Cathedral. It was my first exposure to Orthodoxy when it was still being completed, only about 6or 8 of the disciples were completed on the dome at that time when I was there for a funeral.

It probably would be were it not for what our former pastor used to call “a lot of cut and paste, and more cutting than pasting”. We were all given a xerox copy of the Liturgy to follow and numbers of pages were entirely skipped. It was still lovely and I was grateful to the pastor for celebrating it.

Of interest to me was that there were no “prayers before Communion” for the people to recite.

To each his own, I still think the entire interior “iconography” should be removed and replaced immediately. If I were a child, I wouldn’t want to think our Lord could be represented by the horrendous Pantokrator on the dome. Even now I find those “icons” terrifying. :frowning:

On a positive note, it’s good news that there are some Eastern churches are celebrating the Liturgy of St James. None in my area celebrated it last year when his feast fell on a Sunday.

That’s too bad. I enjoyed it when my Parish did it last year. Communion was fun since no one had thought that since it is done in a different style logistics might be important, our lead priest just told the door keepers to figure it out on the spot.:smiley:

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