Divine Mercy and the "Hour of our death"

It seems that there is a final battle in our last hour. What have the Saints and the Gospel said about this? What are some of the ways to lesson the struggle in that time? Thank you.

Well, keep in mind that a tree usually falls in the direction it leans. If we live our lives mostly in the state of Sanctifying Grace, then the odds would be in our favor that at the hour of our death we’ll be in the state of Sanctifying Grace.

The Sacraments, prayer (especially the Rosary!), redemptive suffering (offering up our suffering here on earth), fasting, etc. All that counts. Every good deed we do, God sees, even if no one else does, and when we do these things, we’re storing treasures of grace, which we can cash in to help us in our last hour.

Yeah, that makes sense. I just can’t help but think of this battle as a critical time for a lot of people. I have seen a lot of family and friends come to the end of their lives and the messege of Divine Mercy keeps me hopeful. My own experience with “near” death was frightening as I’ve heard others remark of the same type of things happening around them. Even the body of Moses was fought over if I understand right. Sobering.

Well, I used to worry a lot more than I do now about those things. I’m more now into hope and praying for others who may not be “ready” to die. Here’s the thing that helps with the worrying part. God can do more with a soul in one minute than man can in a 100 years of trying and worrying. :slight_smile:

Yes, He can. Thanks.

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