Divine mercy audio


I have been wondering. Every night I go to sleep listening to the sung version of The Divine mercy.
Also at work I listen via my Bluetooth work headset (sh… don’t tell my boss, LOL they don’t mind).
For years I have often woken up at or near 3am many nights of the week even before I had any idea of the importance of the 3:00 hour
I have started playing it then also.

Here is my question. Obviously in these situations, I cannot pray aloud, or with a rosary, and sometimes fall asleep. I know an uncompleted prayer is as effectual as a whole one.
Does just listening, like I do to the Divine Mercy Chaplet count with the same weight as
prying it out loud with a rosary?


I don’t know if it has the “same weight” but it surely is better than no prayer at all.

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