Divine Mercy chaplet alternative

What would you all suggest as a prayer for a person who would rather not pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet? (Because of not feeling spiritually inspired by it.)

Respectfully, what are your objections to the Divine Mercy devotion?

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Maybe they don’t understand it? Have they read about the devotion? The reasons why Our Lord gave the prayer to St. Faustina?

I am not the one objecting. I am merely asking the question. What is an alternative prayer to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy? Thank you.

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The EWTN website has a list of novenas. If that’s not your thing, they probably have a list of Catholic chaplets or you can Google a list. My grandfather said a chaplet to the Infant of Prague, I have his old beads. Aim for a devotion that appeals to you.


It’s a specific chaplet for divine mercy.

I just really dislike the reason of feelings as being a reason to turn down a devotion…

Perhaps they can pray the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary with the intention of praying for Divine Mercy?


My apologies I misread the question. The Divine Mercy devotion is so appealing and beautiful (after all it expressed the Lord’s infinite mercy) so it amazes me that someone could be turned off by it.

Are you familiar with the Holy Spirit Chaplet? It really works for me. The Holy Spirit is just waiting to share friendship and love if we simply ask.

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That sounds interesting. Is this it? It looks like it would take about ten minutes to pray it, correct?


I hear Padre Pio used to pray the Sacred Heart Novena every day. “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you” is the repeated prayer after each section. It reminds me of the Divine Mercy Chaplet in that regard, but the body of the prayer is much different.

I am going to look up the Chaplet to the Infant of Prague for my own use. I have my grandmother’s statue of the Infant of Prague that she gave to me. She had been saving it for me ever since I was small. Thanks for the suggestion.


10 minutes give or take. Some days my meditation is deeper than others. Take time to bask in the love of father and son and their love for you.

There are some pamphlets that discuss the HS that are brief introductions to the HS and they will mention this devotion. They have HS rosaries, but I would wait to invest in one. They are usually $15-$20.

To learn everything you could ever want to know about the HS, read the late Archbishop Luis Martinez’s books. They are wonderful.

But back to the main point, it is a 10 minute devotion.

I can make the rosary with the proper number of beads. A generous friend gave me some rosary making supplies. Thanks!

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No one is compelled to pray it. It comes with it’s on benefits. If you elect not to avail yourself of them, pray any prayers you like.

iI don’t know the DMC but I feel the Liturgy of the Hours to be quite inspiring.

There is no “alternative” to the chaplet of Divine Mercy. It is a prayer, one among hundreds of litanies, chaplets, and prayers that you can choose from. Are you Catholic? Then you must know at least some prayers or could look them up.

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The rosary - 5 decades takes 15 minutes, very powerful

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