Divine Mercy Chaplet in Song

Thought I would share a copy of the Divine Mercy Chaplet in song for those who would like it. Click play to listen or to download click the download option on the right side of the screen then just follow the directions to complete.


Ohh this is my favorite prayer! I discovered in EWTN on Sirius one afternoon and it’s been on my iPod ever since. It’s beautiful and brings SUCH comfort! I highly recommend it to everyone!

Thanks for posting this website link. I may link it on my website because it’s so awesome…

Love this version, just love it! Thank you for sharing.

I just downloaded this. It is absolutely amazing. I love getting simply lost in this prayer.

I really appreciate you posting the link. :thumbsup:

i have downloaded it and simply love it and cant get enough of it!! My daughter too sings the Divine Mercy with me.

However, it does not have the opening/closing prayers … can anyone help… please !!!

It is beautiful - but is it copyrighted? If so, it’s probably illegal to download (and therefore sinful).

Thank you so much for your reply. I do agree with you that if the song is not a copyright then it is sinful and downloaded songs/movies which are not copyrighted is against catholic morals and culture.

Hope Chadwick who posted this link can shed some light but yes I do appreciate him/her wanting to share such a beautiful prayer sung so beautifully by people who are using God’s talent so wonderfully.

Thank YOU !!

We sing this every first friday mass during adoration :slight_smile: I pray the diving mercy chaplet daily, but i love hearing it sung and singing it! beautiful

I can’t find any evidence that it’s copyrighted…does anyone know?

Thank you so much for the link to download the song!

This CD is for sale. divinemercysong.com/

You probably should not be downloading it…

i am a christian from the uk this song has really touched me and opened my eyes to gods love for me and made me realised i need to repent of my sins so as god can forgive me

This is my personal favorite youtube.com/watch?v=KB9Ib7kQRYQ&playnext=1&list=PL49075DE39A1593C1

I used to hear a version of this same chant done by nuns, on Michigan Catholic Radio, but I can’t seem to find that anywhere and I’ve looked for years.



Thanks for posting it.

The song is also available for purchase on iTunes.it does have the whole thing including the beginning and ending prayers.


Donna Cori Gibson has the best version I’ve ever heard. You tube here: youtube.com/user/donnacorigibson

It’s available on itunes as well.

I have to agree this is the best version of the song I’ve heard as well. I really like it because the song is beautiful and it includes all the prayers too. This is the version I will be using from now on. Thank you so much for posting it.

No problem. I heard it on Divine Mercy Sunday last year and had to track it down. She is a fabulous singer.

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