Divine Mercy in Song - A must "hear"


Most of you have probably already seen this but in case some of you haven't, please check out the You Tube of the D.M. Chaplet in song. It is extremely moving, and when it has run its time, just go to the right column and check Divine Mercy in song, 2 of 3, then 3 of 3.


This can be purchased on a CD. I think the website is www.divinemercyinsong.com (I think).


This is how I learned about the divine mercy chaplet. I was watching EWTN years ago as I was reverting in my faith and this song and video came on. I watched it and just cried at it's beauty and reverence. Now, at this time I had no knowledge of what this chaplet was, but I felt a need to turn on the TV whenever it came on.

It wasn't until about a year later that I discovered what exactly this was about. Because this song/prayer is sticks so well inside (becomes what we sometimes call an "ear-worm") I learned it by singing it.

Now, I only recite it, and sometimes the song comes into my head at different times... but this is an almost daily chaplet for me :)

PS: The video and this version of the song still brings tears to my eyes :)


One of my favorites too. I bought the CD, when my cousin suffered an aneyurism and there was nothing they could do and they kept her on life support long enough for the family to gather. It was comforting, something I could do for her since I was far away. I trust that she is with Jesus.

I have listened to it many times since to pray and for comfort in many different situations. And it is easy to memorize and sing even when I don’t have the CD with me. :gopray:


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