Divine Mercy music

Can anyone tell me where I can find Divine Mercy Chaplet (Gregorian) chanting ?

Itunes has a divine mercy podcast which includes a sung Divine Mercy Chaplet. But it isnt Gregorian chant.

Can you read music? Or do you mean a recorded version?

The Divine Mercy is, of course, considerably newer than the heyday of Gregorian Chant, but there’s a musical setting that sounds a great deal “chantish” to me. I have the music for it in my little Divine Mercy book, which I can’t locate at the moment. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a recording of it. Not “hip” enough I guess.

There’s a woman that does a one-woman play on the life of Sister Faustina that I think recorded a version of it at one time, but last I checked her web site she didn’t have that CD listed for sale. I went to see her once at the local Polish parish, and after the play she led us in singing the Divine Mercy. It was very moving. I’m really sorry I didn’t get the CD when I had the chance.

The poster above is correct. There would be no “ancient” setting because the chaplet is new.

Nevertheless, you can chant ANYTHING. You might choose one of the Psalm tones (Tonus Peregrinus strikes me as apt) and simply set the main chaplet prayer to that. You could use the Mass setting for the Our Father or you could simply intone the Our Father and the creed. The TrisAgion could be set to one of the tones used in the East . . .

This is a popular devotion, not a liturgical celebration, and any respectful setting you choose would be acceptable. If it is for prayer in public, you might consult your Music Director for suggestions.

There is a standard chant setting for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which is probably what you’re referring to. It’s frequently on EWTN.

Click Here for a CD of the more traditional chant version.

EWTN also occasionally has a more modern version, accompanied by piano, with a man and two women singing. (This is my preferred rendition).

Click Here for a CD of the more modern version.


I’m aware that the chaplet itself is modern and (gregorian) chant is just a way of singing it. I’m aware of EWTN’s versions.

Here’s a chanting on the chaplet…


That’s pretty much the chant that’s notated in my Divine Mercy book, I think. I wonder if it’s packed away with the Easter decorations.

A priest friend of mine used to demonstrate the principles of Gregorian chant by chanting the listings from TV Guide. You can put anything to chant tones!

The pamphlet has the music, I think in fact, I may have even heard another version of the music.

What I would wonder is if people like the music that it goes along with, if it helps them contemplate Divine Mercy. I’ve watched it on EWTN and it may be something that one needs to come to appreciate. I did enjoy one version and the other was a bit burdeonsome to go through for me.

What if there were (which there may well be) a sung Rosary? In some ways, I like just saying the prayers, saying it with a group is fine.

secure.marianweb.net/giftshop/ This order brought the Divine Mercy to the US, seem to be sort of keepers of the Devotion and they probably have CDs.

The Holy folks at Leaflet Missal is another place that will be helpful. leafletonline.com I dont’ know if there is a better Catholic store anywhere in the US but they have it online too. There seems to be a nice store in St. Louis too, so who knows.

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