Divine Mercy Novena


more new things for me. Divine Mercy Novena prayer is new. i found it at EWTN. they say that it is to be prayed starting on Holy Friday, to be ready for the Feast of the Divine Mercy.

i am excited for Easter. i would like to pray this prayer that starts on Holy Friday. i like to think that i am praying the same prayer with many Catholics.


Yeah. I am also excited to start the novena on Good Friday.
The Divine Mercy Chaplets is also a very good daily prayer just like the rosary.
And I would like to share with you this link


Question about the Divine Mercy Novena: ???

We are starting our Good Friday Stations, Veneration etc. at 3:00pm in our Parish. We are not formally doing the Chaplet. Would I be ok with praying the Chaplet at 2:00pm before going to Church? (have always wondered about this, as when it is 3:00pm Eastern time, it is 2:00pm my time. (I see the Chaplet sung on EWTN every day at 3:00pm their time…it is only 2:00pm my time)…confused yet?:smiley:


:slight_smile: don’t be confused… you can say the chaplet anytime, there is always 3pm somewhere in the world. Me I say it daily at 3pm in my local time and I say it again at 3pm - Israel time.


Thanks…yep, that was my thinking as well…it’s always 3:00 pm somewhere in the world.:slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to this, too. It’s so neat to come to these forums and hear people saying, “Isn’t this going to be great?”


It absolutely doesn’t matter. In St. Faustynas diary it actually says that she (and I guess we as well) should pray the Stations of the Cross at 3pm. I’m pretty sure that it says nowhere that we should pray the chaplet at 3 o’clock.


chromatica, hope you are doing well. The chaplet is an absolutely wonderful prayer and the novena is a great way to anticipate Divine Mercy Sunday! The first two times I prayed the chaplet, I was shaking inside. It seems as though we could say, “Father, forgive me 'cause I’ve tried to improve” or “Father, have mercy on me 'cause I’m just a sinner trying to make my way.” As heartfelt as those petitions may be, they’re not as good as the chaplet. But when we recall to Him the suffering of His Dear Son, He will surely listen. For Jesus to have suffered so much for each one of us and for the Father to give His Dear Son – His Only Son – to suffer for us just floors me! And this is a prayer that Jesus gave to St. Faustina for us. Wow!

God bless,


Mr. Dan, i am ok. how are you?

i do not know the Chaplet. i haven’t prayed it.

the first time i prayed a novena of Angelus i couldn’t sleep on the friday night that i fasted that day too. i woke up with a vision of Mary and it scared me so i stopped praying alone for days. i prayed at Mass, in the day with people there. i started praying again soon but no, no novena since. i am ready to try a novena again. not ready to try visions. when God moves me fast i am scared like a little kid. :o



i found the prayer for the chaplet. i did not know it was with rosary beads.

i am confused about the novena. is it nine days of praying a prayer for each day? or is it nine days of praying the chaplet?

i have a small book for the rosary. like a manual. i will find one for this too.

and read of St Faustina, i don’t know her.


sorry, i feel very lost sometimes in this religion. i need simple. go to Mass. pray. all the other things are too much. too much to know. too much to figure out. not just one prayer but everything. most of the time i don’t understand what catholics are talking about. i read here and it is all strange to me. i don’t know why people need so many things. it isn’t like me. i just need God. i just need to worship.quitely. simple. i just want a prayer for Easter. it is hard for me to pray the rosary. too much thinking about where i am and what bead and what to say next. i need to think on one thing, which one thing is God. so i think this prayer is not what i am looking to find.

i will just go to Mass every day. Holy Thursday i remember the Cross, and how we worship Jesus. Easter Vigil is Mass for a long time, that goes fast, with so much that is there. this is what i look forward to. Father blesses us with Holy Water. this is why i like Easter. the Mass. Palm Sunday is here soon. where we begin Holy Week. i will pray and be with God. i like last year, we kneel during the liturgy of the Word, at the part of reading the gospel, on Palm Sunday. i know God then, and would stay all day right there.



Just pray as you wish. All these novenas, liturgy of the hours, and other devotions are meant to faciliate our worship and understanding of God, not make it too formidable. So, if it doesn’t work for you, don’t go there – at least not 'til you’re more comfortable with things. There’s a lot of ritual in Catholicism because people tend to be ritualistic – from the times and ways we have our morning coffee/tea to the wedding rings that married people wear to many other things. The great thing about Catholicism is that there is so much to learn and grow with. The difficult thing about Catholicism is that there is so much to learn and grow with.

The main thing, as you are doing, is talking with God and attending mass. No matter what prayers or novenas or devotions one uses, nothing can beat the mass and reception of Jesus in the Eucharist! So, good for you!

I have found, over time, that the Rosary and Divine Mercey Chaplet are prayers that have helped me. I freely admit that there are days when I am distracted and pray these prayers with less than full attention and devotion. But take them as they come when they come.

Only one other prayer I would suggest, since things can be overwhelming at times, is the St. Michael Prayer, a prayer originally written by Pope Leo XIII after he experienced a particularly horrific vision of the future. The archangel is a good protector against the evil one. It’s a simple prayer, but an effective one:
St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Anyway, that’s my .02, for what it’s worth. I wish you a blessed holy week coming up and a wonderful, joyful Easter. Don’t let all the stuff overwhelm you. Just remember that God loves you immeasurably and wants nothing but the best for you. (Of course, when I tell my son this, he says, ‘yeah, right; then why is it so difficult a lot of the time?’ Sometimes we have to experience the rough times to grow, just like a plant needs to be trimmed back or even pulled out and transplanted to blossom with a nice shape and beautiful flowers. Sorry for rambling.)

God bless,


thanks :slight_smile:

i get like i want to throw everything off and away. God feels like that at times. then i think i don’t have anything so what would i do.

today my car is broken and i have nothing to do. i smoke too much like this. and feel panic on the inside. i can’t think right at work and today i am not there. all these people losing jobs.

God doesn’t help for things like this. He just watches. it is weird to think about. why God watches and does nothing. in a lot of places. i think He must like to watch. for what purpose i don’t know.


There are times when I want to jump in and help my son with his problems. It absolutely hurts to see him muddle his way through things, especially when I know that there is a better way to do what he is doing. However, I am told to leave him alone because that is how he learns, and I guess that is true. If I were to help him with every problem he has, he would not grow and find out who he is and how he fits into the big picture – or even to be aware that there is a big picture. But it hurts to watch him struggle.

Sometimes, I wait until he asks for help and then I will give assistance. Other times, I will not help him, but tell him he has to figure it out for himself. But I am still there. He often doesn’t like the way I help or withhold help, but he knows that I want what’s best for him.

God has a bigger picture in mind, dealing with our eternal happiness. He helps us, but in a way that He knows is best, and that can be letting us work things out, at least for a while. He also respects our free will. Sometimes, we ask ‘why’ and can figure out the answer; other times, we can ask ‘why’ but the answer isn’t there – we just need to trust in His love and wisdom.

I am sorry for rambling – I should have given that up for Lent – and I know that believing what I believe and have said here is easier said than done. But God would not have brought you this far just for His amusement or just to let you fall by the wayside. I’ve heard it said that sometimes He waits 'til the last minute to answer to build up our faith. All I know is that He made me, He sustains me, He forgives me, and He is sanctifying me, in His own way and in His own time. I just have to be alert to say ‘yes’ when He directs me. Hang in there, chromatica!

God bless,


What do you think the holy liturgy of the Church is, anyway?

It’s saying the same prayer with many Catholics.


it sounds like you love your son. but you don’t know if what you do or don’t do is best. you hope so. not the same as knowing, like God.

i mainly know there is no one to take care of me but me. i know this my whole life from when i was very small. i don’t really know God. i don’t know how people know what God does or does not do. i think they guess. maybe hope. hope is all i have. hope does not feel like knowing. hope is like a $100 in las vegas.


:slight_smile: that is true.


i think more. i pray more. sometimes i don’t have much to say to God. i always ask Him to keep me with Him because i can see that i go against.

i do better today. peace on the inside. maybe God wants me to pray with everyone, the Divine Mercy. i don’t know why i fear this. i only want to be with God. that is all. i will try this prayer. the hard part of prayer with beads, i think is ok. God knows i try and if i lose where i am He knows me. i get lost. and lost and lost. i am tired of being lost. today i don’t fight God. i lean against Him.

thanks to people who tell me how to be with God. and who pray. i thank God for you too.


the purpose of the Divine Mercy novena is bring different groups of people to God’s mercy on each day of the novena, before Divine Mercy Sunday… so one day you pray for sinners, another day for the religious, etc. :slight_smile:

you say the provided prayer for each day, and you can add the chaplet if you want :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: thank you.

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