Divine Mercy Orders

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Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy: sisterfaustina.org/

Missionaries of Divine Mercy (France): misericordedivine.fr/

Mission of Divine Mercy: missionofdivinemercy.com/

Nuns of Merciful Jesus (Paraguay): divinavocacion.blogspot.com.es/2013/09/365-monjas-faustinas-de-jesus.html

Monks of Divine Mercy (Brazil): mosteirodadivinamisericordia.blogspot.com.br/

Missionary Work of Divine Mercy (Columbia): espiritulidad.blogspot.com.es/

Servants of Divine Mercy (Faustina Nuns – habit from diary): misericordiadei.eu/

Servants of Divine Mercy (Peru): divinavocacion.blogspot.com.es/2008/07/49-siervos-de-la-divina-misericordia.html


Hidden Disciples of Divine Mercy: cloisters.tripod.com/divinemercy/

This proposed group will begin as a Congregational Recluse for the Congregation of Charity of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (CCMM). cloisters.tripod.com/charity/ If adherents are attracted, then there will be a separate religious community, which will break off from the CCMM. A special apostolate of praying for public service has been added. For more information, contact CONF at conewfoundations@lycos.com


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