Divine Mercy Prayer Group


Hi all,

My parish in Indonesia, just started Divine Mercy Prayer Group. It’s definitely a new devotion for everyone here. There are not many resources about Divine Mercy (We don’t even have the Diary translated to Indonesian).

In our last gathering there was conflict on how to conduct the session. I’m wondering whether anyone who is in the prayer group could describe how it’s to be conducted and which prayer to use.

Some said that we should pray the greatest hour of mercy, some said we should just start with the chaplet. It was chaotic for sure :smiley: .


Well, after attending a couple of times the prayers at the Sanctuary in Lagiewniki, Krakow, where St Faustina lived, I will just tell you what they do there at 3 pm every day.

Basically, they start with some sort of meditation based on the reading from the Gospel, then they read out petitions, and then they pray the Chaplet… followed by the thanksgiving.


Maybe this will help???cathliccity.com/prayer/divinemercy.html



Actually, I’m more interested in knowing how a DM prayer group works. It’s kinda difficult as there is no guidance. unlike Legion of Mary, which has the handbook where the members can refer to.


Check this out: ewtn.com/Devotionals/Litanies/divine_mercy.htm. It’s fairly short, so it shouldn’t be hard to translate.

I personally prefer to chant it and you can get the melody at ewtn.com/Devotionals/mercy/audvid.htm




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