Divine Mercy Sunday outside the Ordinary Form

In the Latin Rite, Ordinary Form, Divine Mercy Sunday and the Novena leading up to it have become a significant event in recent years, with many devotions and special Masses.

Has there been any corresponding activity in other Forms or Rites relating to this, in the local communities?

  • Communities celebrating the Extraordinary form? I know they use the old calendar - Low Sunday? - but is there any newer local activity related to this recent development? I realize some are concerned about some innovations from VII, but this devotion in Poland at least goes way before VII.

  • Eastern Rite Catholics

  • Anglican Ordinariate

I know some may celebrate Divine Mercy in some other way, on another Sunday. Just curious, given that Faustina is a saint of the universal Church now, a recent change.

This is the 18th year for Divine Mercy Sunday .

It’s a feast day. I know it’s on some Anglican calendars but that’s about as much as I know

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The Anglican Ordinariate parish in my Diocese is celebrating Divine Mercy today.
Not sure about our Latin Mass community.


I’m Eastern (UGCC), Today is Thomas Sunday…unless you’re on the Julian Calendar, in which case it’s Pascha :slight_smile:

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I go to the Extraordinary From at the FSSP (not to be confused with the SSPX) and they did the normal mass for the day, but were having the devotion to Divine Mercy at 3.

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Please help. I have completed the Divine Mercy Novena but we have no special mass! And there is none at the next parish 60 miles away either. Does today’s regular Sunday mass meet the novena requirements???

Yes. All you need is the novena, the mass and to have made confession today or I believe yesterday.

Same here.

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I did that… Oh thank you so much. What a relief!

Wait. What do you mean by “the” mass? I attended mass after confession last evening. Does that mass complete the required mass or must I attend a specific extra mass just for the DM.

Some places have a special mass, but the requirement is to attend mass that day.


The Mass I attended was celebrated by an ICRSS canon.

I believe someone earlier in the thread said (s)he attended Mass at an FSSP parish and that it was the “normal Mass for the day,” possibly Low Sunday (Dominica in albis depositis).


Oh, once again thank you so much. My sister just told me that Pope Francis celebrating the DM mass on TV and my brother is watching Ang praying along on u tube. God bless.


Now the challenge is for us all to live up to this in our personal lives.

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You don’t need a special Mass. If you went to confession within the last few days and you received Holy Communion on the Sunday or at the Saturday vigil Mass for the Sunday, in a spirit of detachment from sin, you met the requirements for the Divine Mercy graces from Jesus.

There isn’t a “special Mass” anyway. The Divine Mercy Mass uses the same readings as all the other Sunday Masses.

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