DIVINE MERCY TESTIMONY.. absolutely mindblown.


My brothers and sister’s in Christ. I want to share with you another Divine Mercy testimony and once again, today I was able to experience the mercy of God. Now, I am 110% convinced of the Divine Mercy devotion and of God’s infinite mercy.

Last night at work, I lost my phone. It was an iphone4gs worth about 600 dollars. All night and all morning I frantically looked for my phone all but no luck. I even skipped my class to search for my phone. By 1pm… I gave up all hope… by then I thought that the phone was stolen. I took a depression nap in my car while I was at work.

When the clock struck 3oclock… I asked why not give the Divine Mercy chaplet a try?? bearing in mind that that was the hour of “Great mercy”, I put on my Divine Mercy mp3 and recited the chaplet. I asked Our Lord if he could please, please help me find my phone.

So… right after I said the “Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One” prayer… I immediately went back to my workplace… I assorted my inventory and after arranging some of the items, THERE IT WAS… Not even 5 minutes after I concluded in saying the Divine Mercy chaplet that I found my Iphone.

Our Lord, through the recitation of Divine Mercy chaplet especially during the hour of great mercy has NEVER failed comed to my aid.

And thank you for everybody who prayed for me here on CAF. My heartfelt gratitude. Really appreciate it.


Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ. I love you Lord.

I will speak and promote your mercy, all the days of my life.

and please everybody… keep praying the Divine Mercy chaplet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this. As soon as I read it the words of our Merciful Lord to the Servant of Mercy came to my mind, that the beauty of the image would not be in the stroke of the brush but in the outpouring of graces for souls to receive. It’s amazing when things like you attested happen, and to others it seems like it’s just a coincidence of some kind but you yourself know for a fact, inside, that it it was the Divine Mercy. Thanks Again.

How wonderful…thanks be to the Lord. Thank you for sharing that testimony.

I’ve been hearing more and more about people reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the bedside of the dying.

And recently, a woman spoke at our parish who is an apostle of the Divine Mercy devotion.

Thanks for sharing. Glad to know you’ve found your iPhone. Indeed, God is so good!

And if you had not found your phone, is the Divine Mercy of God diminished?

And is a child dying of cancer and the family is praying for Divine Mercy, knowing the child will die, has God abandoned them?

Maybe God intervened and answered your prayer. Maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe you just need to be more careful with your phone.

There are much worse things to lose than a $600 phone, and much more important things to find.

That is wonderful!
You KNOW you looked everywhere and God put it in your reach. Continue to praise and thank God for He is good and His mercy endures forever.

A $600.00 phone. Yeah. Right.

Actually it was… did not get it on contract got it unlocked and bought it individual myself. :slight_smile:

Great news! God truly is great!

Good questions! When faith-filled people pray God hears! He cares about every little thing about us, and answers what He wills for our sanctification.

He can fill with love, peace and gratitude the family praying around the bed of a dying child. He can fill that child with His special love and everything needed for the child’s journey home to Him.

He can allow a person to find a lost item.

Thanks be to the Lord!

We did this for a friend of ours, and after we finished, within 15 minutes he passed away.
We also prayed the litany of the saints which is so consoling to know those who are great
are now praying with us and for us.

How kind a merciful Jesus is.

Yes! :slight_smile:

I’ve been praying the Divine Mercy chaplet a lot lately lately and suddenly it is everywhere: I always seem to come across testimonies and reflections about it, both here and on a number of blogs. I guess it means I should keep praying. I have started praying it for those who are dying in mortal sin and are in desperate need of help.

Last week, I nearly got killed on the highway / freeway… but again I thank God’s mercy for sparing my life via the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Read the full story below.

I find it impossible to believe that these events of clear “Divine intervention” are all just “coincidences”.

The DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET is so powerful. Keep praying it and never cease to make it a daily 3pm habit :slight_smile:


Great story.
I’ve also had this experience many many times.
So much so that I’ve crossed the word “coincidence” from my vocabulary. I dont believe in coincidence anymore.
Gods help goes beyond help for the dying and sick. He’s there also in the most ordinary of circumstances and is the ever present unseen partner in my life. Thanks for posting this story.
I’d suggest you turn to Jesus like this for everything in your life, be it something serious or something as minor as a lost phone. Exercising your trust in Jesus in the mundane things in life will strengthen you for when the big big problems arrive and your faith will be better prepared.
Praying for you and all CAF members …

it is an awesome prayer that absolutely works! I have prayed it many times for people and have seen amazing things happen. I prayed it once at the bedside of a dying woman, who shortly afterward slipped into a coma and was put on life support. Her large family drove hours to see her and were all together when they decided to follow her wishes to unplug the machinery keeping her alive. After taking her off life support, she woke up, sat up in bed and the whole family told stories and laughed together for hours! When she got tired, she went to sleep, slipped back into a coma and died the following day.

Agreed. I used to think that praying for small things was stupid and a waste of God’s time, even offensive to Him. But since I have started praying for ‘small things’, I have realised that everything related to us matters to God and that He will help us.

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