Divine Mercy vs. Rosary


I was curious about the how many people prefer the chaplet of divine mercy over the rosary or vice-versa.


I’ve prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet on and off for a few years now, but somehow I see more benefits from the Rosary - and more scope for deep meditation and prayer. Just a personal preference.


Divine Mercy chaplet is much quicker to say. :smiley:


I like both :slight_smile:


True story:
My wife was looking for a Saint name that she could pick from among the many out there. She found this unknown nun that nobody seemed to know or care about and chose her because she was truly from poverty, like my wife, and was very simple but determined, like my wife. It turns out that she picked St. Faustina not realizing who she was. And since I had been away from the church for over 17 years I hadn’t heard of any of what had happened. We both fell in love with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. She taught it to me ironically, instead of the other way around. It was the bridge that helped us cross the Tiber together. I also love the Jesus Prayer.


As one who was new to such devotions, the Rosary was “too much” for me at first … I put my Rosary down in frustration the first time I tried (I think I managed one whole decade that time :rotfl:), thinking that it was just not for me.

The Divine Mercy was easier for me, helped me to learn to better focus my prayer, and after a few months of praying the Divine Mercy, I again tried the Rosary and found myself falling in love with it. :slight_smile:

Now, I love both, couldn’t imagine life without either of them. :slight_smile:

Lily, if you like the old traditional Catholic music, you might enjoy this DVD (or CD) of the Divine Mercy being sung to the traditional melody used at Saint Faustina’s convent in Poland:

DVD: secure.marianweb.net/giftshop/product.php?PID=08110091
CD: secure.marianweb.net/giftshop/product.php?PID=09110072

I loved the Divine Mercy before, but now … WOW! :smiley: The DVD was filmed in the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and has beautiful imagery of the shrine, with the Marian fathers and brothers, the Flynn family, and pilgrims all singing together. I can’t recommend it enough!


Has anyone who prefers the Rosary over the chaplet ever read the diart of St. Faustina?

If not, then it is easy not to understand just how powerful this chaplet can be. The chaplet is a set of prayers that represent how much Mercy Jesus gave at his death and that there is “bottomless ocean of Mercy”(His Words) just wainting to be GIVEN. He told St. Faustina that the chaplet was the last chance for souls before the end. Now she was given this chaplet between 1936-37, so we need to use this chaplet for a multitude of souls. OUR OWN SOULS ALSO.

“With Thy Heart broken, and the bowels of Thy MERCY open to redeem us, Thou didst expire”.

Jesus says that people do not take the Mercy He has to give. By using the chaplet we can help anyone who needs this Mercy.

The diary can be read on-line: www.our.homewithgod.com
The Rosary is no less important. There are 15 promises with both. Mary, Ever Virgin, has many things she desires to be done through her Rosary.

To be honest, I believe both should be done daily. WE accrue so may graces when we pray for others that it will give us a higher place in Heaven. This is promised by both Jesus and Mary.

Some say, “I don’t have time for both”. MAKE TIME FOR THE LORD. The more we amuse ourselves on earth, the less we get in eternity. You get what you put in.

Visit us at Divine Mercy Rewards and see what all the buzz is about!!


Both are so incredibly intertwined, it’s really hard to choose one.

The older Rosary appeals to the sure way to Christ, His Mother.
The D.M. Chaplet appeals to Jesus’ “other” soft spot, His Sacred Heart, where the graces of Mercy come from.

And still, Mary never leaves His Heart, and Jesus never leaves His Mother’s side. The only obvious difference I see is that the Rosary is more scripturally based and focuses on Jesus’ life before and after the Passion in addition to the Passion. But again, His birth and Resurrection aren’t really separated from the Passion anyway,… sometimes I’ll be meditating on the Passion and remember how it must have been like for Mary to have a Child and know that He would die that way…

And even though the Rosary developed over the centuries through the Church and the D.M. Chaplet from Christ Himself, they really are both authored by God anyway.

… though amongst all these reasonings I still have a preference for the Rosary… though it was actually the reverse when I started! I think because it’s longer, strangely… my brain is able to “get into it” after I finish the “tail”.


Both! :slight_smile:


Both! I aways follow my Rosary with the Divine Mercy Chaplet. :slight_smile:



both :slight_smile:


I feel God leading me to Divine Mercy. I get so ridiculously happy when I pray it. I feel close to Sister Faustina, and I try to make the 3 o’ clock habit whenever I can. The rosary is a wonderful prayer, but I really feel closer to the Chaplet.



To me, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is part of the Rosary. I know it’s not “officially,” but it is called a Rosary and has much the same power and value.

That’s really, really beautiful :).


Admittedly I feel more drawn to the Divine Mercy.

I discovered the chaplet during a dark time in my life and praying it helped me feel closer to God and put my faith and trust in Him in a way that I had never felt before. My first time praying it seriously was an incredible experience that brought me crying to my knees I was in such a state of awe. It was terrifying and incredible at the same time. I had never felt the Lord’s presence so strongly before. :o

I’m working on praying the Rosary as well but it’s still a struggle for me. I need to listen to it on my iPod to keep me focused. Otherwise my mind wanders. I don’t struggle like that praying the D.M.

Same here. It’s something I look forward to. :o


It may help to pray it slowly, or to pray each Hail Mary for a specific intention. I used to pray each Hail Mary with a specific intention, which helped me to focus. When I’m praying it on my own, it takes a very, very long time because moving slowly helps me to mean it all and meditate on the Mysteries at the same time.


Agreed. While at work I make the time to take a break and go for a walk to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3pm. But I still say it every day after my rosary when I get home from work ( that is when I say my rosary and other chaplets/prayers ). :slight_smile:

– Cadian :knight1:


I pray both daily: The rosary after Mass and the DM chaplet just before bedtime. I feel comfortable with both prayers although over the years Ive found the Rosary harder to do probably because Ive always had a hangup over how it should be said. ie do I meditate on the prayers or do I meditate on the mysteries or even meditate on the intention. I find the DM is simpler to focus on. I leave to the Good Lord as to which is more beneficial.


I love, love, love the Divine Mercy. :love: It is such a wonderful gift!

For a time I prayed the Rosary daily, and it (well, Jesus and Mary) helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I don’t pray it daily anymore, though I’m feeling drawn to again, and whenever I do pray it I feel wonderful! :love: It’s just tough finding the time lately. :o

There are such wonderful spiritual fruits that come with both devotions. How blessed are we that we can “choose” to cultivate these blessings in our lives. :slight_smile:


Rosary combined with Chaplet of Ten Evangelical Virtues of the BVM every day. Chaplet of Divine Mercy on Fridays, at 3:00 if I’m able. I was doing it every day but changed because it started to seem repetitious to me and it seems “more special” the other way.:shrug:


I prefer the Holy Rosary, however every once in a while I say the chaplet of DM.

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