Divine Mercy


How come divine mercy never gets celebrated at my parish? I haven’t enquired with the priest but every year they totally ignore this… Any ideas?


I think it might boil down to a parish by parish thing. I would call your pastor and ask. Hard to get a hold of priests these days as their schedules are so busy but it might be worth a phone call.

Our parish does a special mass with blessings and adoration. They also have weekly chaplet so it seems to be active here. Another parish farther down the freeway does not offer much according to their bullitan on DM Sunday. :shrug:


It would be something to talk with your pastor about, though it’s probably too late for this year.

In my area there is one parish that celebrates Divine Mercy in a big way and people from other parishes are invited to participate. It seems to work well.


After getting the OK from your pastor, you could contact your local chapter of the Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy. They can help arrange a presentation for Divine
Mercy Sunday consisting of chaplet, Divine Mercy Video, sacramental confessions, benediction and adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament and sometimes small religious
articles for sale. A plenary indulgence under the right conditions is also offered. See the
Divine Mercy in Stockbridge MA website for more details. God bless you.


My parish never used to do much with Divine Mercy Sunday other than display the image and mention it in the homily. In recent years, however, they have done adoration and the Divine Mercy Chaplet on that Sunday. I guess it depends on the parish since it’s not a “required” thing to do.


I think some pastors are reluctant to celebrate a penitential day when we have just left Lent and are in the Easter season.


The Second Sunday of Easter, that is, Divine Mercy Sunday, is not a penitential day. Fasting and abstinence are not required.

The feast celebrates the institution of the sacrament of penance and we are to show mercy to others but it is not a penitential day in the Church.

My experience is that there isn’t even a penitential feeling to the day. It is always a day of great joy appropriate to the last day in the Octave of Easter.



Our parish celebrates 1st Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday, and has done so for years. I’ve asked, but am told *that is what we do.
I understand that they wish to have 1st Communion close to Easter, but certainly not later as it might fall on Mother’s Day, I am told.

So sad. I do wish we could have the chaplet, said or sung, later in the afternoon, but that would interfere with the families’ celebration of those who are celebrating their 1st Communion.

Thus, I pray one at home.


On Divine Mercy Sunday, my parish has a pot luck luncheon after the High Mass, then the chaplet is sung at 3PM.

We always do First Communion on Mothers’ Day. Apparently many grandmothers are around for that day, anyway, so we kill two birds with one stone.


I occasionally attend a parish in the city that is the ‘Divine Mercy’ parish of the community; we pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy after every Mass, weekday or Sunday. I’m very excited to make the special effort to attend on Divine Mercy Sunday there this year, especially with the two new saints in tow!

At my home parish, I don’t recall anything different last year than the 2nd Sunday of Easter, other than a large family coming into the silent Adoration Chapel and causing a large commotion by praying the Divine Mercy aloud while others were praying right before Mass.

I personally am going to make the Divine Mercy Novena, which will start on Good Friday, as well as apply myself to the indulgences available for Divine Mercy Sunday.



My parish does the Divine Mercy Novena on Fridays once a week for 9 weeks, starting 9 weeks before Divine Mercy Sunday. It is not really well-attended. It is done during our weekly Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.


Thank you all for your replies. I think pope francis should make this an absolute must for celebration for every priest. Without this devotion I don’t know what I would’ve done in a lot of ways. His divine mercy is so great !! I should enquired with my priest one day/ week soon… Let’s all pray for each other :slight_smile: Godbless - LoveandMercy


It is a required celebration and the readings correspond to the celebration, and your Pastor most likely celebrated it, but there are no requirements for anything to be added to the Liturgy. The devotion does not have to be said–it is not part of the Liturgy and is a private devotion from a private revelation. I doubt the Pope can do any more than JPII already did, and your Pastor can’t add to the Liturgy. Perhaps you and some other Parishoners can request that it be celebrated more fully outside of the Liturgy, with a procession, a novena to the Divine Mercy, or something else.


Divine Mercy Sunday , being the Octave of Easter , I assume that most priests and bishops want the emphasis to be on Easter , hence their choice not to have the Divine Mercy devotions .


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