Divine Office and the "Summa Pontificum"

Hi all,

I really prefer the pre Vatican 2 version of the Divine Office, and have largely been using a 1962 breviary in my private recitation. While I like the form and poetry and overall texture of the older form, I want to be in unity with the rest of the Church when I do this, so I have three questions:

  1. Am I correct in my reading of the motu proprio “Summa Pontificum” that it is permissible to say either the current, reformed version or the pre V2 one?

  2. I particularly like the 1911 version of Pope St Pius X found on breviary.net, but hte way I read the motu proprio it looks like we can only go back as far as 1962 - is that correct?

  3. If using a pre-V2 form (say the 1962 one) does one just adjust to the current calendar to stay in sync with the rest of the Church? Quite a few of the feasts are different - and from what I’ve read I think one is supposed to stay on track for feasts and solemnities. Is this correct?

I looked around on earlier posts for an answer with some success, but wanted to make sure that I had the right understanding. Also if any of you are doing this successfully, any tips would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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