Divine Office in Latin


I am trying to find a Latin version of the revised Divine Office / Liturgy of the Hours promulgated by Pope Paul VI.

I only seem to find the vernacular books for this one, and the only Latin (or English/Latin) versions are for the 1962 Breviary (Extraordinary Form) - which is not what I am looking for.



You’re looking for the Liturgia Horarum. Midwest Theological Forum sells it, and amazon. But you might want to be sure you’re sitting down when you see the price. :wink:


Probably Pax Books has it. They sell a LOT of Libreria Editrice Vaticana stuff.


Liturgia Horarum is the official Latin Divine Office (current schema).

If you want a version noted for Gregorian chant, I recommend:

Les Heures Grégoriennes

It’s Latin/French, entirely noted for Gregorian chant, in 3 volumes: Advent, Christmas season, Ordinary time (vol I), Lent and Easter season (Vol. II), Sanctoral (Vol III). It’s day hours only, (Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Compline) but everything’s there and it’s easy to use. It has Latin on one side and French on the other but you could have your English LOTH alongside to help interpretation. When using the Roman (as opposed to Monastic), it’s what I use. I do the Office of Readings recto-tono (chanted monotone).

Not cheap but worth every penny.


Last time I checked Pax had a couple of the volumes in stock, but most were “not available”. Perhaps they are revising them. MTF does have them from the look of things,

I agree that you need to be sitting down when you look at them. From Pax the 4 vol.set for the whole year will set you back $370 + shipping for vinyl and $830 + shipping for leather. It looks like the MTF version is $450 per volume. Haven’t had much luck locating them on Amazon - US or UK.

There is a review of the books at absnospin.blogspot.com/2009/11/look-inside-liturgia-horarum.html that might be of interest.


No, the MTF version says it’s $450 for the whole set. “Price: $450… Divided into six volumes…”


So expensive :crying:

Thanks for the help anyways :slight_smile:


It really upsets me that they feel justified in setting such a huge price for a real treasure of the Church.

Vatican II encouraged wider praying of the LOTH yet it’s price is a real stumbling block to the ‘everyday’ Catholic.

WHY does it cost so much for hard copies?:mad:


Economies of scale. Or rather the lack thereof. I bet few people buy the Latin editions, and many buy the vernacular editions. I have a Latin Liturgia Horarum, used more as a reference set. I use Les Heures Grégoriennes above for the daytime hours which I chant in Latin, and the French LOTH (my mother tongue is French) for Office of Readings, or for when I’m traveling.

For Latin my practice is to chant the psalm in Latin then read/meditate it in French. When I travel I simply read/recite it in French.

I understand though that the English-language LOTH, at least the North American edition, has some translation issues (more so than French). I have the 1-volume Christian prayer but I don’t use it.

Of course there’s always the Monastic breviary for those so inclined (i.e. who have lots of time on their hands), available in Latin from Solesmes. But the books are very awkward to use.


You can get it online. I agree that it isn’t the same as having it in your hand, though.


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