Divine Office in Latin

Does anybody have any knowledge or experience with regard to the Angelus Press edition of the Latin language Divine Office?

I haven’t seen it but I believe it is one of the old versions, prior to the changes authorized by Paul VI. The currently authorized version is the one referred to as Liturgia Horarium.

I have heard that there is one Angelus Press version that was incomplete. There was supposed to be a newer one released around now- I don’t know about that, and I’ve heard it was is in Latin though there is a diurinal with Latin-English.

breviary.net offers the Traditional Office using the 1954 rubrics if you wish to pray an older one. This is slightly different form the 1961 version of the AP and the one suppoosed to be coming out in a year or two by Baronius. 1961 has different rankings, not so many octaves and cut down Matins.

Angelus Press ran out of their Divine Office earlier this year and it was reprinted. Fresh copies were put out this month. Yet they do not sell the full Divine Office, its more of a Diurnal (Day Hours of the Divine Office).

If you want a fresh full Traditional Divine Office you’re gonna have to wait for the one from Baronius Press.

I found this thread really late but if you are still wondering, I have to suggest against their book. They only have the Lauds and Vespers for Sunday, not the rest of the week. If you want to use it for the other hours, they sure, it might be worth your money but there are better books out there. You could use it as a learner but that is all. They just chopped too much out of it and didn’t put clear instructions in it as to how to say the office. In short, they were lazy. If the come out with an improved version, then I would have to take a look but I have the latest one and it isn’t worth your money.

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