Divine Office Question re: Daytime Prayer


In volume I, for the Advent and Christmas Season, there is only one antiphon listed in the Proper of Seasons for Daytime Prayer. [Note: I only pray Mid-day.] Should I be reciting this antiphon before and after *each *of the three different psalms, or only prior to chanting the *first *psalm and once **again **after the *third *psalm (before the reading)?

Help would be appreciated in this matter!


I always recite it once at the beginning of Psalm 1 and then at the end of Psalm 3. I think I either read or was told to do that but am not sure of what the source is.


Well, that seems the most logical thing to do, in my opinion; thus, it's what I've done these past couple of days - however, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't erring.

Also, it just seems weird that there's only one antiphon for Advent/Christmas when volume IV (Ordinary Time) provided antiphons for each of the three psalms! I don't really understand this...


You are correct -- recite the antiphon at the beginning of the first psalm then again at the end of the third psalm while still reciting the Glory Be... at the end of each psalm. That's how they do it at the Norbertine Abbey that I go to.


Even in the older office, at the Little Hours, the Psalms were said under just one antiphon.

A separate antiphon for each Psalm was used in the Roman rite Office only at Matins, Lauds, and Vespers. (And during Paschaltide, not even then.)


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