Divine Office thread 2

I decided to start this thread so that I can clearly ask my questions, and explain my story, without detracting from the I’m confused about this version of the Divine Office thread.

My situation is that I never prayed the Divine Office, but I think I would like to if/when the Baronius Press Edition is publish. The only problem I have is that - while I want a deeper prayer life, and want to commit myself more to prayer I don’t want (or even think I could) pray for hours on end.

So my only question I guess is how long does the 1962 Divine Office take to pray (all in total but also for each of the 8 (?) parts)?


There’s a saying on the Monastic Life e-mail list: Pray as you can, not as you can’t.

I would recommend starting off with just ONE of the hours, preferably one of the Little Hours of the Day or Compline, and make that a REGULAR practice.

Then as you grow, you can gradually add other hours as time and devotion and opportunity direct.

I, too, started off with one of the hours. I wanted a way to start my day, so I picked Lauds.

Doing a little at first is a good way not to get discouraged because all of the hours is a lot if you’re new to it. I often think about postulants in contemplative orders; they get immersed in the entire Divine Office right away. Must take some getting used to.

I concur. Lauds and Vespers are considered the most important so they are also good options. I got started on the Office by the morning and evening prayers that were presented in the Magnificat publication and was moved to get the full set. I usually just do Matins, Lauds and Vespers, but it is nice to have the others available.

And I use the modern version for now (tho I prefer the old names for the hours). I understand that, especially, the Matins of the older Office is especially lengthy.

Thank you all, who answered,

I think if I do eventually get a copy of the Divine Office I’ll start slow - but I still would like an answer to my questions. Exactly how long does it take to pray the Divine Office in total? And on average how long does it take to do each section?


Morning and evening prayer each take about 30 minutes - give or take depending on if you choose to stop and reflect on each Reading

Okay - that’s not bad. What about those during the day? Do you know how long they take?



Might I suggest a book by madeline pecora nugent titled The Divine Office for DODOS found at www.threebeanbooks.com it is a step by step book on how to pray the office. It’s under twenty dollars and you can send for free book ribbons that tell you what to pray at what office.
I bought this book and read it before I took a workshop offered in my Diocese on the LOH. Needless to say I was alot more comfortable in the class then the other students.
The book is very easy to follow and the back walks you through several seasonal “hours” of prayer.

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