Divine office - usage of original hymns compared to 17th c revision

Unfortunately, that’s not in general use today. Sometimes we have to accept such realities. Part of true poverty is accepting the realities that we cannot change.

At least among the traditionalists I can see that there is a certain agreement with the responses that I have had here. When I asked the same questions in this post to a professor at Our Lady of Guadelupe Seminary he appeared to agree with the other posters that I am disobient.

It looks to me like you’re looking for an answer that you have already predetermined. In that case, you’re not really asking a question. You’re just looking for support for your postion.

I presently see no solution to my predicament, which is immensely frustrating. Yet I am confident that God will guide me out of this desert and legalistic snare.

God may be providing the answer and you may not be willing to hear it. He speaks through the Church and her hierarchy. The Church has spoken on this issue.

I tried to help you in a previous post by pointing out that there are a number of approved editions to the breviary and that you may find at least one of them that would meet your spiritual needs. But you seem bent on the a version that is no longer in use.

It does not sound as if you’re looking to hear what God has to say, because he has spoken, through the Popes and Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship. It sounds more like you’re unhappy with the answer.

Sometimes, part of our life of penance and poverty is living with the unhappy answer.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

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