Divine power and clothing?


This is a quoute Fr. Filas’ book “The Parables of Jesus.”

“Thus Jesus implicitly claims to be the final judge (and therefore clothed with divine power) on the last day.”

What does clothed with divine power mean?

Any and all help will be great!


He is God.



Any passages from the Bible that will help me understand the answer.



It has nothing to do with the clothing that we wear. See the third definition below:

past tense: clothed; adjective: clothed

1. put clothes on (oneself or someone); dress.
"she was clothed all in white"   
  1. provide (someone) with clothes.
    past participle: clothed
    “they already had eight children to feed and clothe”
    3. endow with a particular quality.
    "you have been clothed with power from on high"



That is just what I was hoping to be told.

It ties in with “Putting on Christ and the Amour of God” and “Put love over all of these.”

Thanks to both of you!


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