Divine Will?


I ran into some books that a friend is working through titled “the book of heaven”. I thumbed through it a little, and i must say, was a little uncomfortable with some of the things that were in there. This book was numbered 20/36 so i’m guessing there are more of them.

It seems to be a conversation with Jesus, similar to St. Faustina’s diary, but the dialogue is…er…a little different. What keeps popping up in my head is father Corapi’s face talking about the fallen angels and original sin, us striving to be like gods. Immortal combat tape 1…

Does anyone know about this stuff “Daughter of Divine Will” stuff? Ran into it? How come i’ve never heard about it?

I’m on week 5 of becoming a catholic :smiley:


Not approved by the Church. apparitions.org/


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