Divinely inspired writing?


Hi everyone,
Well today in Mass my confirmation teacher reccomended meditating on Eucharist or the Crufix during worship, then closing your eyes and letting the Spirit talk to you. During the Eucharistic prayer, I was meditating on the crucifix. All of a sudden, I get this poem in my head. I knew it was inspired by God. I did not have anything to write with, so I tried very hard to remember it. When I got home, I typed them out. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? Is God calling me to speak his Word through my writing?

Here is the poem. I share it with all of you:

Blessed is the Divine Son,
He shall reign forever.
Blessed is His holy name,
We will speak it always.
Blessed is the Precious Blood,
Shed to free us from sin.
Blessed is His sacred body,
Put to death on a cross
Blessed is His holy mother,
Queen of heaven and earth.
Blessed is His holy church,
May we hold our faith strong.
Blessed are we, His people
May we live our life in Him forever.



Jeanne, that’s a very nice poem :slight_smile:
I suggest that you don’t actively seek such experiences, but if they happen again, write down whatever God tells you and maybe He’ll make His will clearer with time. Perhaps He wants to use you to encourage others with your writing. Maybe in the future you can get a spiritual director if you don’t already have one, and discuss this with him.
I’ve had a similar thing happen to me btw.

I’ve heard of it happening to others and to the Saints as well; when words just come to you all of a sudden and they mean something.

God bless you.


I just wanted to second everything Monica said. :thumbsup: Especially not actively seeking divine inspiration, and having a spiritual director. Talk to your priest about this, and then you can proceed doing God’s will. God bless!


There’s actually a name for what you describe: successive locution. :slight_smile: St. John of the Cross speaks of this at great length in Book 2 of “The Ascent of Mount Carmel” if you want to learn more.

In the meantime, here’s a quick synopis of St. John’s teaching as presented by Fr. Dubay in “Fire Within:”

[quote="Fire Within]While there are many ways in which God may impress a message in the human mind, the saint reduces them to three classes: successive, formal and substantial locutions.

The first type (successive) may be called assisting enlightenments, for they occur when a person is in a prayerful frame of mind and is “attentively absorbed in some consideration.” As this individual is thinking about his subject, he proceeds with so much ease and clarity that it seems to him “that another person is interiorly reasoning, answering, and teaching him.” What is happening, explains the saint, is that the indwelling Spirit is united with this prayerful person in the truth under consideration, for the Spirit is in every truth:

“While his intellect is thus communing with the divine Spirit by means of that truth, it simulataneously forms interiorly and successively the other truths about its subject, while the Holy Spirit, the Teacher, leads the way and gives light. This is one of the Holy Spirit’s methods of teaching.”

That’s where we need to be careful in these matters. :slight_smile: It might be meant for others . . . or maybe it was given strictly for your own growth in love.

St. John is very clear on when and how we should draw conclusions and act upon any kind of interior communication we recieve . . . there’s so much room for self-deception. If you think you might be being led in this way, I’d echo the thoughts of other posters to seek the advice of a spiritual director.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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