Divorce and remarriage to the same person

My husband and I were married in a civil ceremony, followed by a blessing in an Anglican church. Neither of us had been married before, both baptised Anglican. No children. I was received into the Roman Catholic Church three years ago, my husband wishes he could be ‘unbaptised’. On the advice of a Catholic marriage counsellor, I am now divorcing my husband on the grounds of emotional abuse. The counsellor thought I had a case for an annulment. We live apart, but still have regular contact. However, my husband is reluctant to consider not going through with the divorce. If, in future, we did wish to remarry, are we obliged to do so in a Catholic church for it to be considered valid?

Since you were both baptized Anglicans at the time of your marriage you are considered to have a valid sacramental marriage. Sacramental marriages are indissoluble. So unless you ask the Tribunal to investigate whether your marriage was invalid because an essential element was missing at the time of marriage there would be no need to get remarried in the Church. Even if you were civilly divorced, the Church does not recognize that as affecting the sacramental union.
The only reason you would need to be married in the Church is if one of you became Catholic, received an annulment and then wished to married.

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