Divorce and Remarriage


I am troubled by the fact that several members of my family have divorced, and a few have or are about to remarry - this despite our being a Catholic family. One family member in particular whom I care about very much is getting remarried in a few months. This family member has also ceased going to Mass regularly, as far as I know. What is the Church's precise moral stance on someone who has divorced and remarried? Are they considered to be committing adultery, living in sin?


I'm not sure about divorce laws and the church. Lots of other people on here know way more than I do about that stuff!

However, people who are getting/have been divorced, for the most part, need love and support. Never, ever (not saying you are) feel holier-than-thou or judgemental. Don't brag about how you've never been divoced, or never will be, and don't look down on them. We're all sinners. Belive it or not, virtually no one wants to be divorced. I'm not saying that all are justified, but some clearly are. Remember "There but for the grace of God, go I". You never know what can or will happen.

Again, I'm not saying that your acting judgemental or arrogant. Just wanted to give you a warning not too! LOL

I've never been divorced or married, so I don't have a dog in the fight.


The stance is that marriage is permanent. It is valid unless proven otherwise by a marriage tribunal. So there is no such thing as “remarriage”. Yes, it would be adultery to attempt it.

Now the more important thing is what did you do to help these family members who were losing their faith? Were you calling them up to check on them, inviting them to Mass, etc? Othewise taking care of them , body ,mind and spirit after the trauma of a divorce?

Seriously , that is when we need to act . Either before the divorce takes place or right after if that is when we hear about it.

So, what can you do now to reach out to this family member that you feel close to? Call them up and ask them to Mass this Sunday. Then out to breakfast for a talk or something. …


The other thing too is to make sure they have not quietly gotten their anullments or maybe are not from dioceses that required a lack of form decision and did not have proper form to begin with in the first marriage. Maybe starting out wiht a vague - wouldn't a Church wedding be much more meaningful? question might get the ball rolling on these conversations.


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