divorce and remarriage

My husband is currently going through the process of divorce, he is pretty addiment about it and doesn’t want to get help to improve our marriage. Hr says he is unhappy and he thinks this is what is best for our children, I of course disagree and know that working to improve our marriage is what’s best for all involved. Anyway, if you knew my husband, you would know he was against divorce from day 1, but now thinks that’s best. I had a question if anyone here Has come to the verge of divorce or actually divorced and later reconciled with and remarried that same spouse. Aside from that, if u are reading this, please send prayers.

I’m kind of in a similar situation. My husband isn’t quite there as he’s going to counseling with me…but he’s not optimistic and thinks that divorce might be best for him and the kids.

Anyway, I have found the book Divorce Remedy to be helpful, especially if he’s insistent on divorce. It’s not a religious book but had some good ideas for a last ditch effort to save your marriage.

Best of luck! Will pray for you!

We had a parish priest who is currently in his 40’s. When he was young, his father left and lived with another woman. His mom got the kids to kneel every night and pray for his dad, and one day his dad showed up on the doorstep saying, “I’m not sure exactly why I’m here.” Anyway, they did reconcile, and they have done their talk on how God healed their marriage to couples. They are very active in the Church and we are thankful that one of their sons became a priest.

A friend of mine from my Parish got a divorce and has since reconciled and remarried her husband.

She said it never would have happened if both she and her husband hadn’t grown deeper in their faith.
Of course, lots of counseling and working things out…as well as tons and tons of prayer from her entire family and friends helped too.

Yes, my husband and I were divorced from eachother, and remarried. Feel free to PM me. I’m praying for you!

My wife and I are going through some really hard times. She says she doesn’t love me anymore and I have tried everything in my power to be the best person I can be but its not good enough. I am truly hurt by all this and have no choice but to leave it in Gods hands. But I like what you said, keep your focus on God.

Praying for you.

So I just found out that there is an affair, and my husband who has always had faith in God, along with the affair think that its Gods will that he divorce me and be with her. He feels like these emotions he is having is true love and this person is who he was meant to br with. He says he is still praying and this is honestly what he believes. I realize there were problems in our marriage, but I thought he knew you don’t give up. Can I ask for prayers for my husband, for making the right decision and for his soul- I think the devil is really doing his work here and my husband is choosing to believe this is Gods work. Please pray for my family.

I’m so sorry. I will be praying hard for your family.

I’m so sorry. I had a feeling. My ex husband left my toddler, 13 year old and myself for an affair he was having for years unbeknownst to me. There was no saving it. I found out and it was too late… I did go to counseling, however, a newly single fully custodial single parent. It has been SO hard! He still lives with her, unmarried.

We have been separated for 4.5 years, and divorce was finalized for 2 of those years. I have dug really deep, grown in my faith, and am currently in the annulment process. But I won’t lie to you, it’s HARD!

In fact, I’m having a really hard time with the annulment process. Due to the Diocese move, my case is still on hold, waiting for another 3-4 months before it will be processed by a judge. I’m feeling so strangled by the process. My divorce was final in 2011, and I have not wanted to date. It did take me a long time to complete the paperwork and I found it very cathartic. I continue to pray for discernment and the strength to carry out God’s Will for my life. Actually, I have not wanted to date in the last 4.5 years since the break up of our marriage. I have been content to provide for my children and explore my own growth, spiritually.

Recently (last few months), I have been longing more and more for a relationship. I have wanted more lately to date and find a life partner. I feel that I’ve got it on my heart to be in a family and not single, and have such a loss that I cannot explain. In the past over the last couple years, I have filled it with food, and then wine, but for the last year I have been sober. And I am getting more physically fit as well. This leads me to realizing the truth, which is that I’m longing for a marriage relationship and I fear greatly that the annulment may not go through and the waiting is killing me.

I know I must remain patient. But I am beginning to feel resentful that my ex is living with the girlfriend he left his family for all these past 4.5 years without concern, and I, the responsible custodial and lonely parent is left to suffer all for going through the proper channels required by the church. I am having a hard time with this frankly…

Praying for you!

The difference here I think is the affair just started, this is not my husband at all( I noticed as soon as the affair started) and I still want to make it work. I believe marriage is for life and I made my vows to him and God, I do not want anything to break those. I don’t want a new relationship or an annullmment, I want this life we created, no matter how hard. My husband really is a good man and I recognize he is having a hard time, no matter how much he doesn’t recognize it. ForgiveNess will take a long time, but our marriage and family is worth it. I know God is with me no matter what, I just need prayers for my husband right now. He may never come home, but I have hope and no matter what happens I am praying for his salvation.

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