divorce and remarriage


I know that you can’t divorce and remarry in the Church. But this friend of mine is divorced but wasn’t married in the Church. Would she still have to have her marriage annulled? Thanks.


I would ask a priest.



If she commits to live the rest of her life in a state of celebacy, never dating or considering marriage, she may stay just as she is (because the assumption in the eyes of the Church is that she is still married - regardless of the civil divorce). However, if she thinks that she may want to date and pursue marriage in the future she must have the tribunal investigate whether or not her current marriage is valid or not. Only her priest and the tribunal can assist her with this.



Even if your friend is not planning to get remarried I would encourage her to find out. It helps to understand our faith, and helps with the healing process.


What needs to be determined is if the first marriage was a valid. My wife and I went through this process when we got married. It’s thorough, but painless. The Church was very sensitive to our concerns. Have your friend talk to her priest or call the diocese office.


If the friend of yours is Catholic, and was married in a Non-Catholic “church” or any ceremony not under the auspices of the Catholic Church, the marriage is indeed invalid and no annulment would be required.

If this friend is not a Catholic, then the Church would consider her marriage to be valid, until declared to be “invalid” by a marriage tribunal.

She should immediately consult with a Catholic pastor regarding this if she is thinking of marrying a Catholic.



Even in the most clear-cut cases the formality of a review is necessary.

Any prior civil and/or religious weddings should be brought to the attention of one’s pastor, whether the marriage ended by divorce or the death of the other party (or both.)


not enough information. individual should seek the advice of a priest if she is a Catholic, is thinking about becoming Catholic, or wants to marry a Catholic. If she has been married before her first marriage is presumed valid until proven otherwise, unless she or her ex was Catholic at the time and did not marry according to the laws of the Church. Even so there must be an investigation and the proper paperwork to establish her freedom to marry. don’t bother to post more info here, waste of time for us to try and judge individual situations, she needs to see her pastor.


Thanks. Would an annulment be required if say one of the spouses was not confirmed?


Did she really think that she was exchanging vows or just pretending to the first time around?


irrelevant. was either party Catholic and thus bound by canon law regarding matter and form of the sacrament? were both parties free to marry? did both parties intend all that the marriage vows contain? Not questions you can answer for your friend. Send her to her pastor. Even if the marriage was not valid due to lack of form, there is still a procedure that must be followed before a Catholic is free to marry in that instance.


I know that you can’t divorce and remarry in the Church…

I had my first marriage annuled and was told that i was able to remarry in the catholic church. Not sure what you ment by your statement?


All marriages are presumed valid and therefore must be examined by the Church to determine otherwise.

Your friend’s marriage needs to be investigated by a compentent official in the church.

It is pointless to speculate here. Your friend should go see her priest, lay out all the facts, and follow his advice.


Confirmation is a normal requirement, but not an absolute one.

Your friend needs to go talk to a priest.


no whether or not either party was confirmed has no effect whatever on validity. Send your friend to talk to her pastor.


I have a rather innovative idea!!!

Send your friend to talk to her priest!



ultimately this is the first place you start with annulments.
If your friend would like some general information, here is a great website for resources. familyministries.org/annulment_support.htm


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