Divorce and the Eucharist


My husband has recently asked for a divorce. Will I be able to partake of the eucharist if I am divorced? We married as protestants, I was received into the church 4 years ago, and he now informs me that he hates catholics. thoughts?


So long as you do not remarry, without obtaining an annulment, yes you can receive the Eucharist. You are not precipitating the divorce. From what you state, you are an innocent party.

You may very well have grounds for an annulment, based on his statements about your faith. Speak to your pastor about this.

AND, fight hard to obtain a reasonable settlement, appropriate custody of any children, child and spousal support, etc. Your FIRST thing to do is to get a really good divorce attorney!


Any possibility of marriage counseling? I am not sure of the particulars of your situation, but I would advise that you go to your priest and ask about what you need to do from here.


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