Divorce/annulment support group

Hey Everyone,
I am not sure where to place this topic since I am new to the forums so I thought I would place this topic here (the title “Catholic Living” seemed appropriate).

Anyway, I have friend who is just starting the Catholic annulment process (she is civilly divorced) and she does not have any support on this matter. I was wondering, does Catholic Answers website have a divorce/annulment support group on here. I would like to help get her support during this process.

Lastly, she is interested in becoming Catholic and I told her about this great website.


Hi. Why is she wanting an anullment if not Catholic?


Rose Sweet, a frequent guest on Catholic Answers Live, is part of a great ministry. They can point you to support groups:


Your friend can speak to her Tribunal Advocate about what is available locally.

So she can marry someone that is Catholic.

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Of course. I see.

Thank you!

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