Divorce in the Orthodox Church


Interesting. Forgive me for not taking this as absolute fact, though i wont say you’re wrong. But i want to look into it.

It seems strange that Judiasm would be so formal and liturgical and the Christian Church neglect to show the Sacrament with more reverence than you claim.


No he’s right. The early Church did not have a liturgical rite for marriage. Local custom / law prevailed for many centuries.


Yes I agree… but even after the Rite of Crowning / liturgical marriage Rite was introduced, it was initially only for first marriages. Granting second marriages liturgical status was significantly later.


In the East, a couple would come to the Church, and receive presanctified Holy Communion together. In 9th century, Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire declared a law that all Christians must be married in the Church. Many couples were not prepared or worthy to receive Holy Communion, so the Church introduced a ceremony without Eucharist, a ceremony that is still in use.


As far as the Catholic Church is concerned the only way that a marriage can be ‘undone’ is if one of the partners dies.


Or if they get an annulment.


Technically, the annulment is not the “undoing” of a marriage.
It is a statement that no marriage ever existed, so there is nothing to “undo”.


The early Church recognized marriages between Christians and pagans, entire couples would convert and their marriage would be recognized as valid, it was considered valid even before the couple would convert to Christianity.
And now you tell me that marriage of two Catholics never existed, even though they lived together and slept together. Should i remind you that most annulments are now given as soon as state court proclaims divorce.


I personally think Annulments are abused. There are way too many excuses to claim a marriage was never valid. And im talking about two Baptized Christians.

Its really as simple as both spouses saying “i didnt really mean to be faithful forever!”

Come on! Who gets married, in the Church especially, and doesnt know that is what marriage is about?


This isn’t true. A lot more goes into the annulment process. A lot of Catholics no longer have a true sense of what marriage is.
Annulments are also much rarer outside of North America, which is why the Holy Father recently streamlined the process. In some regions even those with clear grounds have had to wait years…


I think the Church assumes a marriage is valid unless shown otherwise.


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