Divorce, Marriage and heaven


I know a protestant couple who are married but both were married before and divorced.

Surely they are committing adultery?

My question is, if they realised this would they 100% have to leave each other or could they remain together if they lived platonically?

Secondly, pretend they wanted to become Catholic (they don’t) would they have to leave each other (they have children) or could they live chastely?



you are assuming they were married in a church. Both of them could have had civil services. Which are considered not valid by the church. As protestants they don’t have the same rules as we do. When you are civily divorced that is all that is needed. If they wish to beome Catholics, then, they would need annulments if they had been married in a church.
in Christ’s love


It is a natural marriage where both are not (validly) baptized, which can be dissolved. So then there can be no valid additional marriage if a bond exists. (No bond in the case of death.) Marriages of non-Catholic do not require the Catholic canonical form of marriage but the form used in their Christian church.


Since they are not Catholic, they are living with a completely different rulebook than you. So even if it would be adultery in your world, it is not in theirs.
There is no need for them to leave each other or live platonically while married.
Only if they convert to Catholicism, would the rules change for them.



But Jesus only has ne rulebook, he didn’t create different rules for different Christians.

Jesus said anyone who divorces his wife and marries another is committing adultery, surely He wouldn’t say to a protestant that they can ignore this verse?


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