Divorce - religion not to blame?


Okay so basically I will start out by saying this is not for me but for a friend who is 17 (like me) and whose parents are very possibly going to get divorced. He talked to me about it and was upset. But I couldn’t help notice that he seems to have lost much faith through all this, because his parents used to talk to him about the importance of Christianity and marriage, etc. “They kept telling me how important that was” he said, “…Christianity as a foundation of marriage…how important the sacrament of marriage is, how sacred…they were just b_____ing me”.

I was at a loss of words however, I couldn’t correct him on that or find the words and explanations. I do not believe that religion whether Catholic or any other is responsible for divorce, yet I do not know how to explain this. I understand that my friend is really upset about what is going on and it probably seems easy to blame religion among other things. I don’t feel this is fair response for his part. Personally I feel that there is more to divorce than a supposed nonexistent faith or any other seemingly hollow and desperate reason. I guess I can’t know for sure since I’ve never gone through the sacrament itself. I can’t seem to explain my way of thinking but I really think he’s trying to blame Catholicism and his faith almost blindly.

Can anyone please suggest how I can explain to him at least that religion is not to blame? I feel that besides him many others tend to blame religion when things go wrong without really considering everything.

Thanks to anyone that can help!


Perhaps he should consider that he is NOT privy to all the information regarding the marriage.

PERHAPS, one of his parents has been unfaithful, and yet, the other parent doesn’t feel he needs to know the nitty gritty details… Perhaps his parents are all talk. Although they would be right in what they preach, perhaps they don’t actually practice what they teach.

Your friend is still a child in the eyes of his parents. And although he could probably handl reality, they don’t want to share… Sometimes kids need to realize their parents like their privacy… if they can help it!


The Church teaches the truth about marriage and family. It is the Church who teaches marriage is for life. It is the Church who teaches how harmful divorce is to families (something your friend is experiencing first hand).

It is our human failing that lead to divorce, not the Church.


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