Divorce/Remarriage and Communion


I was married before coming to know the Catholic Church. If I remarry within the Church can I receive Communion?


If you have a prior bond, you are not free to marry and cannot remarry. So, it is not a question of “if you remarry within the Church”. It’s not possible to do so.

If your first marriage is invalid, as shown through the tribunal process, then you would be free to marry.

If your first marriage can be *dissolved *due to the unbaptized status of one or both parties, then you would be free to marry.

Bottom line, you need to talk to your pastor. Each situation is unique so we cannot comment beyond generalities.


You need to meet with a priest to discuss your situation.

If you are divorced, you are bound to your wife still in the eyes of the church. You will need to live a chaste single life.

If you desire to seriously date and possibly get married you will need to have the church investigate your first marriage for the possibility of annulment. Catholic annulment is far different from civil annulment.

If an annulment is granted, it will be as if your first marriage did not sacramentally happen and you will be free to marry.

As a catholic you would be required to marry in the church.

I am divorced and entered the church as a divorced person. I am choosing not to go the annulment route for now, but have looked into it quite a bit, let me know if you have any questions.



Please note that “yes” is the answer to the question as you phrased the question.

If you become Catholic (your profile says you are not) and are married in the Church, you will be able to receive Communion. The reason is that the only way you can get married in the Church is if that would be a valid marriage in the first place.

What you really need to do is to ask the local Catholic priest about this.

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