Divorce Shocker: Most Marriages Do Make It


ATLANTA – Most people believe only half of U.S. marriages make it. But a leading researcher is announcing the true divorce rate is much lower and always has been.

Shaunti Feldhahn received her research training at Harvard. She and her husband Jeff help people with their marriages and relationships through best-selling books like, For Women Only and For Men Only.

This Atlanta-based couple often quoted in their writings and at conferences what they thought was accurate research: that most marriages are unhappy and 50 percent of them end in divorce, even in the Church.



Excellent article. I have read bits and pieces recently about how flawed the “half of marriages end in divorce” claim is but this is the first time I have seen it broken down so clearly.


Interesting article. I’ve always wondered about the difference in the statistics between the percentage of married people who have divorces and the percentage of marriages that end in divorce.

For example, say you have 100 people. 90 of them get married and stay married. The other ten get two divorces each and then each marry a third person.

So we now have 50 married couples, with a total of 10 divorces (each involving, of course, two people). It looks like a 20% failure rate, but only 10% of the people have been involved in the divorces.

It seems like the percentage of people involved in divorces would be a more interesting number than the percentage of marriages that end in divorce (even if the number we had been getting was actually correct).

Just something I’ve pondered. :slight_smile:



It is interesting.


A web search shows how the 50% hetrosexual divorce rate claim is used by homosexual ‘marriage’ advocates to try and make a point about marriage.


Wouldn’t surprise me!


One has nothing to do with the other. Heterosexuals needing to solidify their own marriages does make homosexuals capable of marriage.


As long as God is the center of every relationships, there will be no chaos, misunderstandings, wars and negative events. Love each other and spread the word of God. :thumbsup:


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