Divorce vs separation

to a catholic, isn’t a civil divorce the same thing as separation?

it’s ot like the church recognized civil divorces anyways

how were bad marriages handled in prodominantly caohtlic societies when divirce wasn’t really an option?

No, they are not the same. Separation is a physical, not a legal, means of living apart.

A legal separation and a divorce are also means of establishing separate living arrangements, each with different effects under civil law.

In ecclesial law, separation and divorce are also different things.

As to how things were handled in times gone by, that varied by country. It also varied quite substantially by the rank of the people involved.

A separation is not the same as a civil divorce. Technically a separation would be a willing act on both parties to live apart while solving marital issues. The plan would include getting back together. As far as divorce I don’t believe that the Church views that as official and still considers the couple to married in the eyes of the Church and God. Only the anullment by the Church is official and therefore frees the couple of the marriage bond.

For the most part couple stayed together, and if there was divorce I do think they were viewed to be guilty of adultery if they became involved with another person and were banned from receiving communion. I know that in modern times women were especially banished by the Church due to Divorce. A lot of people (women) left the Church because of it.)

I know a woman now who remains married to an absolute bully because of her belief in the Church’s teachings on marriage. He is mean, physically and emotionally abusive, but she is bound to stick it out. She has more guts than me, because it is something I would never have put up with had I married.

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