My aunt was able to get a divorce through the church, but it was because her husband had alcohol issues. I thought one could only get divorced because of unfaithfulness?

The Church doesn’t issue divorces. I think you mean annulment.

I agree with the above. The Catholic Church never allows divorce…they might through a process come to see that the marriage wasn’t valid or a true marriage and declare it null (annulment) but it isn’t the same at all. There are many reasons for the Church to declare a marriage null…it’s complicated and up to those who know canon law to decide. (at least it always has been…?)

the church does allow for separation though, when it is needed, either for a period of time or indefinitely if the marriage really can’t be reconciled.

in essence, a civil divorce is just like a separation, as far as the church is concerned

I have to disagree there. Two people who are separated can still take holy communion. Two people who have obtained a civil divorce, though not a Church annulment, and remarried, cannot. However, if they have not remarried, and there was a good moral reason for the divorce, they can.

Lots of misinformation here. For Catholics the following apply.

  1. The Church does not give divorces, but it does not forbid them either.

  2. A person who is divorced but not re-married can still partake of the Sacraments.

  3. A person must have a civil divorce before the Church will start the annulment process.

  4. A person who is divorced, but does not have a degree of nullity and remarries, should not partake of the Sacraments, until an annulment is received and/or the couple chooses to live as “brother & sister”

:thumbsup: Thank you for adding clarity to this question.

itoo thought it,s only when you are unfaithful .

More misinformation. There are many reasons that a decree of nullity may be issued BUT unfaithfulness is NOT one of them.

HOWEVER, unfaithfulness MAY BE evidence of another reason that does justify a decree of nullity. Then again, it may not. It depends. But unfaithfulness, in and of itself, is not a basis for a decree of nullity.

Yeah, I think this is the big test of faith to be Catholic. The idea that your spouse could bring another person hone everynight and get busy and you would then be sentenced to livibg alone fir the rest of your life if you were a good catholic. It is a big faith to hope the church finds nullity in the initial marriage. It was something I had to contend with to trust the church.

I coukd see though if this hapoened to me losing fsith in divine guidance that there is no longer any pubishments on earth for adultery and the only person punished is the victim… hopefully never an issue :slight_smile:

Best to talk to a priest.


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