Divorced and now dating just a way of life?


Does anyone else seem to notice that there are a lot of Catholics that know what they should do and don’t do it anyway? For example, couples that are divorced or just separate think nothing of it and date anyway without an annulment or live with one another and some still come to church receiving the Eucharist. It’s as if they are pretending that the relationship has meaning regardless of what the Church says. I also seem to notice that many play the dumb game as if they don’t know. I understand that there is a chance that some might not know that this is wrong, but it’s hard to believe this. I know many that do this friends/family. Now not all of them come to the Church, but I find some that still do. It’s as if they are suppressing their conscious and don’t even know that there’s sin going on. I guess when a world sees that its common practice and everyone else is doing it, it must not be bad. It’s sad.


While it might be sad, and it is, we should remember that “there but for the grace of God go I.” Never, ever act morally superior to anyone.It is very, very difficult to be a Catholic, and while we all try to do the right thing, most of us fail-it’s human nature.




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I completely agree. It’s easy to judge when you are on the outside looking in, and are not facing the temptations and longings they face. Pray for them.


I really believe it is poor catechesis. I was divorced and during my annulment process was dating my current husband. It wasn’t until after our marriage that I came to understand that was not correct. But honestly, during our dating period I had NO IDEA that it was wrong or I would have never done it. Needless to say, my previous marriage was annulled and we were married in the church, but now knowing what I do now I would have waited to date.


Yeah poor catechesis must have much to do with situations people find themselves in. I know I didn’t know half the things I know now since coming back to the faith. It’s difficult though when you are on the outside looking in and are much younger than them asking the question don’t they know better? I must assume that they probably don’t and more than likely, they wouldn’t want to hear it from me anyway since everyone is an adult and knows whats best for themselves. I do the same things at times. The best I can do is pray and try to set a good example.


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I would caution divorcee’s dating before they get an annulment. What if it turns out you can’t get the annulment?? Think how much that would hurt the other person who was so involved with you not to mention yourself. What then get married outside of the church. I think it better to to wait till you know for sure and have healed completely. :thumbsup::shrug:


I agree with you here.

However, I think, as others have stated, there is a problem with poor catechesis on the issue. So, I think their culpability on the issue may be reduced because of this.

In my dioscese, many priests and deacons give touchy feely homilies. I think there may be a fear of alienating people.




There is an usher at a church I use to go to. He was divorced and remarried at city hall. After mass he would drive me home and say ‘there is nothing wrong with remarrying, CM,your standards are too high that is why you are depressed’

People are defensive when they don’t wish to change their ways and will use any excuse in the book.

Now since this is one of the few ushers the church can get, it makes sense that there is poor teaching and no one knows what to believe.



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