Divorced and re-married; may I receive the Eucharist?


The background-

I was married over 48 years ago in the ctholic church… My marriage was frightening with a man who was in the marine corps during the Viet Nam conflict.
He was violent to the extent of sevee hurt an ddamage to living things, including me and controlling.

Example, he became upset with my cat and threw it against the wall and killed it.
iIbecams pregnant with our son.,He wanted to punch me in the tomach because he did not want childen.Iwas apunching bag severly beatne.But I stayed and prayed becasue i thought losing his freinds and his back ground was the problem and he would chnge.

The doctor dignosed bi polar.H etooka ll hismeds because he could not cpe wihthis thought.I had his stomach pumped and thought he neede me to help him through this,but, the meaness and control became worse whe be beat our son and me.

He tried to kill me after I went through so much of his breaking into my home, beatings steeling my possessions when I was divrcing him.
iI did ot stop there. stalking laws mean nothing to people who feel they are entiteld to do as they please.

A very nice older man married me in the Espical Church, took me away and we live celibate.my ex husband found out and harassed us, breaking my present husbands car radiator and other acts of vandaliam.

I was in so much pain when he was trying to kill me,I prayed i would ie. I Still have physical issues from this experience.i was in intensive care.i had so many emergency room trips, my insurance premums became un affordable.

I did not petition for a annulment because I was told my ex would be contacted.My present husband received an annulment. I live in fear of this man.
He found out my place of employment after I reamrried and telepheoned my office to inform me , he tarins ttaiopnwas crowded and he could put a knife through me and no one one know it was him.If he could not have me- no one would he told me…i was a prisoner until i broke lose and took many many beatings because of my move to leave him.

I have been receiving the eucharist.I am presently in the proces after 32 years of getting an annulment becasue my exh is il .wwe feel he will no longer go after us or my son. .A few years back he threw wrech at my son and wanted to fist fight him( a 60 yr old man wanting to fist fight his 40 yr old son?).

I was just told I have been commiting a mortal sin by receiving the eucharist in a catholic church.I attend mass every Sunday.

I cried.

Is this true?.

Dear friend,

I can’t believe that you remained with that man long enough to conceive a child. You should have no difficulty getting an annulment. Then you need to be married in the Catholic Church. However, so long as you are living in a celibate way, you may go to Confession and Receive the Eucharist.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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