'Divorced from reality': CBS anchor slams Trump after wild day of inaccurate comments




“Divorced from reality” is a nice way of putting it.


When they cannot spin it anymore to report fake news, it would be selective news and then leftist anti-Trump comments. Not much that we get from there except for those who indulge themselves oblivious of reality that the election had been lost and Mr. Trump is now President.


No one denies Trump is present legitimately (at least, no one serious; and regardless of whether or not his victory is a good thing). The issue is that his relationship to actual facts makes Richard Nixon look like Honest Abe.


Yes exactly.


We know how the media treats and often times misrepresents Pope Francis’ statements. It’s good to see more people being aware and getting their information from other sources. The MSM doesn’t have a monopoly any more on reporting information, so thank God for that.


That is true and the MSM is afraid of losing their power.


Divorced from reality describes the Obama Administration! 8 years of nothing being done.


If only we were lucky enough to have nothing done. As for me, I was forced to purchase a product I neither desired nor needed. For now it’s just health insurance but the precedent has been set to use the coercive power of the State to confiscate my money to prop up other failing sectors of the economy.



[quote=LeahTherese] The issue is that his relationship to actual facts makes Richard Nixon look like Honest Abe.

You have been listening too much of the Fake News.


The first time I read the headline I interpreted “CBS Anchor divorced from reality” and thought, that’s not news…

Then after realizing they meant the president and having read the contents of the article, my opinion didn’t change.:stuck_out_tongue:

That said, when negative hit pieces are continually posted it does change my opinion of the original poster.


The anchor put phrased it as nice as possible, saying the statements are divorced from reality. I do not know which is the better choice, an ignorant president who truly does not know any better or a pathological liar. But he says a boatload of things that just are not true.


You could say the same for the mainstream media. In fact the mainstream media has more experience than Trump in terms of separation from reality.

Hypocrisy on the part of CBS.


He is not divorced from reality.

He fired it. :smiley:


A CBS talking head said this? Why am I not surprised?


Ivana’s middle name is Reality. Maybe that is what the anchor meant?

I got nothin’.


I agree that the anchor phrased it as nicely as possibly. In fact, I thought he was being overly nice and deferential. To your question as to which is worse - an ignorant president who truly does not know any better or a pathological liar - I am not sure which is worse. I suspect we’re dealing with a bit of both. :frowning:


To your first sentence, true. And sadly true to your second. But I’m not going to offend and disparage the memory of Abe Lincoln by putting Tricky Dicky (as he was known in some circles) and Trump in the same paragraph as him. :slight_smile: The only thing either one of them has in common with Lincoln is an"R" next to their names.


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