Divorced, remarried and cannot receive the Eucharist; why?

Re: amores laetitia
Why must a civilly divorced Catholic [not annulled] and civilly remarried not received Communion unless they stay celibate?

Dear friend,

What is most beautiful and deeply attractive about marriage is the very thing that rules out anything that would counter its indissolubility. Vows freely made to God simply matter! They matter because of who He is.

Our culture does not grasp this and values feelings more than the knowledge that God is more important. But this doesn’t change the reality of God’s sovereignty. Through His Church, God tells us that marriage is between one man and one woman. One simply cannot be validly married to two people at the same time. To do otherwise violates the other person as it violates God. It is to lie with one’s body. To continue to embrace this lie and still approach the Truth on the altar is to throw one’s sin in His face.

There IS an alternative. It requires denying oneself. But friend, no one has denied himself more on our behalf the He has! He quit bluntly stated that to be His follower it is necessary to deny ourselves and take up our cross. (MT 16:24) Everyone has a cross and thank God for them. They enable us to thank Him for all that He denied Himself for us! You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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