Dixville Notch voters choose Hillary Clinton

The small hamlet, Dixville Notch, NH is traditionally one of the first in the nation to cast ballots on Election Day.

Hillary Clinton received 4 of Dixville Notch’s 8 votes.

Donald Trump received 2.

Libertarian Gary Johnson received 1.

Mitt Romney received 1 write-in vote.


2016 is only the 2nd time since 1968 that a Democrat has won the vote there. Barack Obama won there in 2008. In 2012 there was a tie between Obama and Mitt Romney.


Oh no, they rigged Dixville Notch! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hooray, Mitt Romney!

With a name like Dixville Notch … the town ought to have Bill Clinton’s mug on the water tower.

Clinton won in Dixville Notch.

Trump won in Millsville, per: twitter.com/passantino/status/795857765864329216

Why vote for 3rd party or write in? I fear this is how she will win.

They have a voting precinct for 8 people? Wonder how many workers there are. In my state there have to be at least four per precinct.

That talks about how low people think of both candidates

True, they are disliked. But Clinton may win because of a split opposition vote.

I hope everyone realizes there is no point voting for a third party candidate.


I can’t believe that even today people are still treating this like a “normal” campaign! LOL

And as Dixville Notch goes, so goes the country.

Yes, Donald Trump has certainly made this an abnormal campaign.

Everyone should always vote for the candidate of their choice, third-party candidate notwithstanding.

LOL So true!


To be fair, it’s not just Mr Trump that has made it abnormal. I personally don’t remember any other time where there were multiple federal investigations of a major candidate in the weeks leading up to the election. I keep waiting to wake up from the nightmare only to realize the worst is yet to come. :nope:

There certainly hasn’t been normal in Hillary’s campaign! Wikileaks has made it very interesting.

I think she thought running against Donald would be a walk in the park with all the money coming into her campaign.

And that people still support the candidate with multiple federal investigations is mind boggling.

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