Dixville Notch voters choose Hillary Clinton

It is a quirk of New Hampshire law. State law says any town with fewer than 100 residents may open their polling place at midnight, and they may report their numbers once every eligible voter has voted. There are three communities in New Hampshire that have already reported their vote totals. Dixville Notch is just the most famous because they’ve been doing so since 1960. It was actually an idea brought about by advertising a ski resort, which brought notoriety to the community, which is why they do it. Who wouldn’t show up at midnight once every four years, and have the entire electorate pay attention to your small village, if that’s what state law permits? I say, good for them!

I agree. I can’t wrap my mind around that concept. I try to be logical and as Spock says, "That is illogical "!

The entire behavior of DOJ and Hillary and FBI director seems illogical.

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