DIY monasticism


I’m thinking of spending a week in my garden in my tent, living like a hermit for this time. Clearly this could be quite dangerous in terms of diet and so forth - plus I’d like some guidance in terms of what to have with me. Is there a website or something that gives advice for this kind of brief DIY approach?


It sounds like you are doing what St. Rose of Lima did! See and do a page search [Ctrl-F] for all occurrences of the word “hermit,” “hermitage,” or “cell.”

It seems that she left her “garden-cell” when necessary (e.g., for daily Mass, and I would suppose for provisions). And yes, she was bothered by critters (mosquitos, etc.).

I suppose you would need whatever you would bring for a week-long camping trip. Have you tried any camping websites?

You could have a good friend check on you every day or two for safety (someone who would respect your desire for silence and only say as much as required to find out if there is anything you need).


Cheers, looks good!


I have gone to Pacem in Terris for silent retreats and been there for days. It is interesting how little one can survive on. When I am there in my hermitage, I can live on bread, fruit, cheese and water…without feeling the least bit hungry. I caution you in going into your garden though ~ not sure it will give you the experience you desire. That is, unless your garden offers real privacy and quiet from your daily life. I will give you the Pacem in Terris web-site you may want to contact them for advice. They are a wonderful Catholic hermitage place.

May God Bless your desire to have this beautiful hermit experience…you will be forever touched!


I can’t offer you any guidance but I think that’s awesome!!! I hope you do it. GL!


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