DIY Network show disgusting

I started to watch a DIY Network show the other night (Wed). I do not know the name of the show but it was a contest between 3 design teams to decorate the apts. of 3 diff. bachelors. The bedrooms were of the rooms being addressed. One of the bachelors must have used a disgusting phrase to describe his goal for his bedroom and the designers and hostess repeated this phrase. I want to write a letter to DIY Network which is owned by Scripps. I can not find a mailing address for either one. Does anyone here know who the contact might be? Thank you.

I used to watch a lot of DIY and HGTV. Both have become palates for highlighting ‘domestic partners’, both same sex as well as male/female arrangements. It seems every design show is hosted by a stereotype and the homes being decorated are lived in by domestic partners and rarely husbands and wives.

Not to mention that the shows are almost all about how to paint a room. I remember in the day when Ron Hazelton would show how to fix real problems in older homes. I guess that was before the housing boom and the despirate need to get rid of cream colored walls.

Sadly its not just Scripps. In general, I’m just annoyed with the quality of shows. If it weren’t for EWTN specifically GK Chesterton and Fr. Corapi I’d probably rip the dish off the side of the house. Its too bad EWTN doesn’t offer their content electronically thought ‘apple tv’ or another distribution method.

Now that I’ve vented a little, I’ll answer your question. Its pretty obvious that DIY doesn’t want to hear from anyone – it took me 10 minutes to find this…My next step would have been to look for the stock ticker and see about investor information.

Good luck…

Scripps Networks
P.O. Box 51850
Knoxville, TN 37950


Au contraire. EWTN does offer electronic programming. You can get it live on your computer. Check this out.

I’m not much of a t.v. watcher, because I generally have better things to do than to cram scripted and “reality” immorality down my throat for the sake of entertainment. But please, by all means, write that letter. Ever little bit does help.

Gerard already gave you an address for Scripps, but here is an online comment form for DIY Network.,2019,DIY_14146_14234,00.htm

Thank you.

You nailed it. Wonder what HGTV really stands for now?

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