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I’ve finally decided to undertake the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius de Loyola.

Since my parish priest isn’t a trained spiritual director; I’m going to have to do the Exercises DIY. I already looked it up and there’s several books on the topic and I’ll be picking up one later today.

However: I was hoping if anyone here might have some advice on how I can do a DIY retreat.

Any help and advice is of course appreciated.

If that is the case, I would have the spiritual exercises in one hand and The Imitation of Christ (Thomas á Kempis) in the other. Spiritual strengthening is most possible when from-the-heart humility is practiced. It creates a “void” of self into which the Holy Spirit will pour graces.

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If you can’t do the Exercises with a spiritual director then I would recommend Retreat in the real world Finding intimacy with God wherever you are printed by Loyola Press. There is a calendar so that it fits the Liturgical year.


Are there any Jesuits in your area? Doing the Spiritual Exercises with a trained director is an amazing experience.

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This is a “children’s” book, but, I have used it for years. It is also available on

I would really try to seek a spiritual director to help with your retreat. Even if it by phone or email. Your priest should know of a spiritual director in your area and your diocesan office will certainly know of one. You will benefit greatly from the direction and especially the feedback.

My spiritual director lives 300 miles away from me. We meet by facetime monthly and try to meet face to face a couple times a year.

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