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Awesome website, Rich! I’m ordering the DNA video. I know it’s true. My B.A. is in anthropology. My concern is that people continue to buy into Mormonism in spite of the known historical, archaeological, anthropological, and now scientific DNA evidence that disproves it. Mormonism is possibly the most successful hoax ever devised. Joseph Smith is still conning people from his grave.

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rich, why don’t you tell us what you want to tell us, rather than referring us to some outside website where there’s a video?

If this is something worthwhile to check out, please give us your informed commentary so we can decide.:tiphat:

It is a really well done video. I was baptized catholic in Utah five years ago. I help with the RCIA and I find this faith simply amazing. I had to do a bit of praying before I placed this video on my site. It hurts me that Christ, the Trinity has been hidden from the LDS. The Christian Christ that we have come to discover through Revelation. So if I can help another find what it is we have found in Christ I will even go as far as placing a video that exposes some real hard truth on my new site. Nothing in the book of Mormon has ever been found in the Americas. Not one single part of it’s foundation un covered. The Aztecs were the largest group of American inhabitants during the time line of the book of Mormon and they are not even mentioned once. As if this colossal group did not even exist. It was these very Aztecs that were converted by Christ and his Church years later by our Christian faith. This is how the gospel was spread to the America’s. By the blood of the humble Missionaries and Saints. Some Christians did bring death rather than life, but again this is our Chuch, (Good and evil) no excuses, just reality. Christ is the only thing that makes it Holy.

A great example of a real Indian Gospel story can be found here:

How the Gospel has been spread.

Like a Child that was stolen at birth and told as he grew that his parents were evil, that they had to take him away. And then years later finding out that his parents were indeed very good and loving and had been searching for him for years. He had been kidnapped at birth. And so Christ found me as a lost Lamb, the Catholic faith found me and took me in. So I am very happy to be found. I have found the treasure spoken of in the parables. The reality of sin in my new faith, in my new church uncovers my fallen nature and then offers a Christ to heal it. I love this place. The peace that can be found and held on to in good times and in bad

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Just want you to know that I hear your message.
Everything on that outside website is inside Utah. It is in this Mormon who was Baptised Catholic.

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Rich From Logan Utah
%between%“As I turned away from the suffering Christ, I turned away from the Cross. As I turned away from the Cross I turned away from my only hope, my only path home. I fell into myself and found the key of my human existence, a key with so much promise. But in the end could not open one single door” Catholic RCIA Treasures


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