DNA points to St. Luke's remains

This might be old news, but I’ve never heard of it before. I thought others might find it interesting:


Thanks. Very fascinating. We’ll see.

Is there any recent update? This article is from 2001, and I think we would have heard something twelve years later.

A quick Google search didn’t turn up anything, but I only looked at the first 30 hits

I would point out that we should not read too much into the report. What Prof.Guido Barbujani determined is that the genetic composition of the skeleton is consistent with remains from the era that St. Luke lived and the general ethnicity of the region from which he came. Barbujani stated that he can’t verify that the remains belong to St. Luke, but can confirm that they do not belong to a body which might have been added to the coffin much later.

In other words, he can’t rule out that the skeleton belonged to St. Luke, but he can’t prove it either.

Unless there is verified biological material from Luke to compare it to (blood, hair, etc) then any results would be inconclusive.

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