DNC tour bus dumps human waste into storm drain!


So the Party that says they are all about the environment just illegally dumped human waste sown a storm drain :bigyikes:- and claimed

This was an honest mistake and we apologize to the Lawrenceville community for any harm we may have caused. We were unaware of any possible violations and have already taken corrective action with the charter bus company to prevent this from happening again. Furthermore, the DNC will work with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, as well as local and state officials to determine the best course of corrective action.

:rotfl: Really - does anyone believe that? :nope:



I have trouble believing this incident was anything less than laziness and indifference to environmental standards and human health. Whoever made the decision to dump raw human sewage into the storm drain should be let go, and the state should levy the appropriate penalties.


If this happened once and they were spotted, could it have happened before and they
weren’t spotted?

The media would be covering this nonstop if it were an RNC bus. But since it is DNC it
Is an honest mistake. :rolleyes:

How gross! Hazmat had to be called!


They’ve been doing that to their members for decades!


The Dems care about other people being environmentally friendly, not themselves. Take Al Gore for example. He can keep on wasting electricity and driving an suv but tells us in a condescending tone that we Americans can’t do these things! What a crock of _ _ _ _!


The Inconvenient Truth is Dems pay lip service to environmental issues.


They got caught is all, :thumbsup:


Yep, they really hate getting caught being real!


All I can think of is Uncle Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation




And can you imagine if it were a Republican that had done this? It would be the MSM’s lead story. The histrionics would be off the chart:

Environmental disaster!

Disregard for public safety!



There is a bit of information missing to unequivocally pin culpability on the DNC. It’s known the DNC hired a charter bus company. A man driving for that charter bus company (employee or contractor) dumped human waste into the drain. What’s not known is did he choose to do it on his own? Was he encouraged to do so by a DNC member or did they have knowledge of it? I’m interested in who the willful participants are. This is something that can be considered a felony. I wonder how the city/state will prosecute any of the parties involved. Would fault be assigned to the driver, his employer (the charter company), or the entity that hired the charter company in such a case?

I’m not sure what they meant by “honest mistake” though. If someone had drained the sewage at a proper facility but forgotten to completely close a drain valve I could see that as being an honest mistake. But there’s no indication that this is what had occurred here. In the accounts of the story that I read it sounds like the driver was intentionally emptying the waste.


What a metaphor for this whole year!






and opposing candidates!


How right you are…!!


Yeah, and unfortunately some of it is splashing onto CAF. :eek:

I’m looking forward to Advent.


Imagine the outrage if Trump did it.


The American people have been experiencing the effect of both parties for the last half century they have been thrown under the bus.


yes, but then you will have the consequences of the election!

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